Excel Macro VBA Tip 4 – Find Cells in Excel with Macros using the Find Method

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This tutorial shows you how to find a cell with a certain value anywhere throughout a spreadsheet. You will learn how to search for text, numbers, and values stored in variables. This is a great lesson for learning how to values within cells in your excel worksheets.

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  1. You actually apply it to a button in the form that takes input from the text field and then searches the workbook/worksheet or whatever for that input and then does something with that input. It really depends on what you need done but that is the process you should use to be able to search from a form. PM me if you need more specific help.

  2. I want to have a cell and a button so that the user of my spreadsheet can search within the worksheet. i wanted it so that within the cell you can type something to search and then click the button to run the macro in order to find the cell.

  3. @ibz28 Just use the info in this tutorial as well as the tutorial for getting a value from a cell into a macro and then the tutorial on how to assign a macro to a button and that should get you on your way to completing the task.

  4. HI, I am interested to purchase a seriess of macro tutorials that lead me especifficaly to create either a MRP or Data warehouse kanban.
    I am a professional in the Planning area and i am very interested to learn those kind of macros…
    Please reply what your suggestion for me is, I already went to the teachmsoffice page but could not find nothing like it…

    Thank you in advance…


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