Everything at Destination D23, Changes Coming to Toontown, Lost Disney World Concludes – ParksCenter

Join us for another episode of ParksCenter!

Each week, we cover the top stories in Disney Parks news, and discuss the topics that are top of mind for the Disney community.

Disney hosted Destination D23 in Orlando this weekend and brought us a ton of updates on parks projects from around the world. Join us for a panel discussion as we talk about all of the announcements, along with the absence and of the CEO Bob Chapek from this important company event.

Then, in our Around the Hub segment, we will cover even more news from Disney Parks, including the appearance of The 50th Anniversary Luxe Collection items at Disney World, Changes coming to Toontown in Disneyland, and a test flight sneak preview of the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

And we will conclude our 5 part Pressing Issues series on “Lost” Disney World with a nostalgic look back at Disney Springs and the rest of the Disney World Resort, at things that have come and gone such as River Country, DisneyQuest and The Empress Lily.

All this and more, tonight on ParksCenter!

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Comment (12)

  1. Where’s Bob? Unless he had a medical emergency, there is no excuse for not showing up. If Apple’s CEO or Tesla’s CEO decided at the 11th hour not to attend a major corporate event…just imagine how this would resonate with hardcore fans!

  2. What Disney needs is a CEO and leader, who has the guest, at the core of their leadership! He that must not be named; The C word, should be replaced! Time to bring back Fast Pass that’s free, though I must stress, years ago on my first visit in the 90s, the DAS was incredible, now, it seems the company aren’t doing enough for disabled guests, including making accommodations to guests who are medically exempt from face coverings, and who can’t join lines for character meet and greets!

  3. You may have said it in jest, but I could see a Hogwarts experience hotel in Universal being extremely popular!!!
    Also, if Disney want to do a themed hotel, give me a Haunted Mansion themed hotel.

  4. So happy I was able to experience so many things that are now gone. Just wanted to mention the resort amenities have totally disappeared. I remember getting a folder with discount coupons, park maps, and scedules. Now you get a small booklet. I also have a sewing kit and soap boxes with Mickey on them. Now you get hotel soap and lotion and the mounted shower toiletries which I'm sure will be gross in a few years. It's all very sad. Thanks for the memories!


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