Every Type of Neighbor

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Comment (647)

  1. I am the one theorizing about my neighbors. I have spotted the drug dealer and have a theory one of my neighbors up the street is with the mob. I have one of those porch sitting/staring neighbors. Just always there. Always. Drives me nuts!

  2. I have one of those perfect neighbors living across the street. Elderly couple, super sweet, they brought be chocolate cake for my birthday, gave me a book their daughter wrote and the husband takes the trash from the curb before I even get outside in the mornings. And more. I don't deserve them 😭

  3. When my husband and I first got married, we lived in an apartment that I swear the walls were made out of paper. We could hear conversations and I’m sure they could hear ours. When we would get into an argument I would whisper argue because I didn’t want the neighbors to know what we were arguing about😂😂😂 Then there was the upstairs neighbor who didn’t have his headboard nailed to the wall😳🙁🥴

  4. Trey, I just moved into a nice apartment right but I'm telling you, I think my upstairs neighbors installed a bowling alley!! Nobody is that clumsy!!; I just wanna know one time, what is going onnnnn up there man!!!

  5. Houses in our neighborhood don't have porches. So we have garage dwellers, a couple of guys that just are always in their garages doing… stuff. Drinking beers, 'working on projects.' Always in their garages, hot days and cold days. Makes you wonder why they bother having a house.

  6. I am an Asian and I am totally not offended by the joke at 3:20 lolzzz! Its because we don’t feel comfortable being friendly with just anybody including neighbors ..sorry.

  7. Lmao i was the fence climber a couple weeks back… they had their back door open and my cat was being weird and went crazy on me biting me. She never does that, i was worried she may have rabies because shes an outdoor cat. So i hopped on the fence to warn them. I dont think they speak english so i just looked dumb. And the same people leave this puppy outside for hours while it cries, i already had my dad talk to them, but only the kids are normally home and the parents dont speak english, not trying to take this dog away and put it into a shelter but they leave it for hours in the heat, and winter is coming… so what do i do

  8. We were sandwiched between the overbearing and the Karen in our last neighborhood. Not sure if the spraying Roundup on my lawn or hearing yelling “don’t park your POS in front of my house” was my favorite. Probably the POS, since it wasn’t aimed at us we just watched it from the patio. They weren’t parking in her yard, they were parking on the street in front of her house, on a public road. She talked over the fence at us about how we were such good neighbors but everyone else was awful. I’m not proud of the number of times I went in to “make the sides” while my husband was out on the grill hating life.

  9. My sister & brother-in-law have some really interesting neighbors lol one called my brother-in-law the other day to tell him there was a car she didn't recognize in his driveway and asked if he wanted her to get the tag number…he told her it was his mother-in-law's car😂🤣 One neighbor plays the drums in his garage with the door open, another has told them they need to cut one of their trees down, and another is the "front porch sitter" guy😆

  10. The blonde wig with dark beard, white ankle socks, perched on the railing and screeching! That just took me out! You just know Trey is the friend who can be so extra and you love him to death!😁

  11. You’re awesome! Can you pls do one on golden doodle dogs since everyone has them! I know you’ll make it hilarious because doodle owners have meet ups and talk about everything doodle. You rock! Ty!

  12. I was all in until the comment about Christopher Columbus. He didn't steal the land. No one owned the land prior. There was no legal deed to this land beforehand. So it was open. This is God's world He owns the title deed to the earth. So technically if anyone has a problem with it I dare you to take it up with The LORD if you dare. 😏😏😀😀

  13. Actually I think we had a drug house across the street from our first home. Blacked out windows, very expensive cars coming off hours, never really saw anyone. Little woman who seemed scared of her shadow would walk their Doberman never looking at anyone even if you waved at her.

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  15. This was hilarious Trey, well done! Can you do one on neighborhood parking? I live in a Non-HOA neighborhood and my neighbor parks their car/s on their side of the street, but directly in front of my driveway. In the words of Bon Qui Qui… ''Rude!''

  16. You forgot the neighbors who go up and down block thumping hard core gangsta rap at top volume and then park in front of their houses and continue to thump at all hours of the day and night.

  17. There's also the mystery neighbor. You know. The one that has a car parked in their driveway… but you have never seen or heard them. And you've been here for about 5, 10 years, now.

    No matter how hard you try, every time you try to peek out your window to catch them leaving for work, try to catch them coming home from work. The lights are never on. The blinds are always shut. Are they male or female?

    You even walked up to their door one time and knocked on the door to introduce yourself, but no one answered. But you know someone resides here.

    The mystery might never be solved and it drives you insane.

  18. I have a porch dweller across the street. They also have a big 6' tall rooster statue on the front porch. I can't make this up. Thank god I don't like next to the perfect neighbor but if I did, I'd befriend her. As for the apartment, that was me. once I was listening so hard, my neighbor sneezed and I said bless you. It was awkward. Thankfully we never met

  19. The doordash person is probably an accountant that works 13 hours a day on salary and the perk for doing so is a $30 meal but it has to be used that day and has to be food with a receipt and they don't have time to go get it themselves

  20. This is extremely accurate and very very funny. I am the single mum in the neighbourhood and one of my neighbours yelled out to me the guy across the road is nice arrrrggghhh. We also have a Henry that walked into my yard and started pruning my trees and his middle aged son came out of his house and stared at me with his tongue out I was so freaked out so I stay inside alot!!!! It is a lovely street and suburb so it is a small price to pay!!

  21. This is hilarious and spot-on!!!
    And I Hate the perfect neighbors the most. They're so annoying. Because I'm an introvert and feel extremely uncomfortable when people come "helping" and bothering me. I don't want their baked goods or their holiday gifts – easter, christmas, my child's birthday, they always give us something!! And they come edge trimming my grass or snowblowing my driveway or putting away the trash bins.

    I can't handle it. They're so nice and thoughtful but it makes me feel bad, because I'm to shy to do any of those things in return. Only thing I do is send my son with some baked stuff occasionally as a pitiful thanks for being such helpful neighbors 🙁


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