Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Kennel Club Attendant

If you’ve ever boarded your pets at the Disneyland Kennel Club while visiting the Disneyland Resort, you may remember Ginny Bullock. http://di.sn/6002f5t0

She will tell you about her role as a Disneyland Kennel Club attendant in this installment of Every Role a Starring Role!

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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Kennel Club Attendant

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Comment (44)

  1. I didn't even know they offered that! What a kind thing to do for guests! And she seems like such an attentive cast member. I would feel very safe leaving my pets with her for the day 🙂

  2. Is it possible to your the kennel if you are not boarding a pet? I work at a vet hospital where we also board animals and I'd love to see the disney facilities sometime.

  3. I don't think Disney is "anti-dog" and would gladly let dogs in the parks (they do allow "working" dogs inside). But there is one major problem preventing this…owners who won't clean up after them. Imagine what it would be like with pooh all over the place. I don't blame the dogs…I blame their loser owners.

  4. I am looking forward to seeing you next week Ginny! We have been bringing our dogs to the kennel for years and always appreciate how kind and friendly Ginny is to us and out dogs. She is my favorite!

  5. We take our dogs to the DL kennel every time we go to DL. We've known Ginny, the lady in the video, for years and she is a really nice lady that cares about dogs. Everyone who works there is nice and my dogs seem to like it as well because they don't get sick there the way they do when I leave them at a kennel near our home.

    The kennel has some pretty strick rules so if you are considering bringing your dog/dogs there, make sure you call ahead so you meet/bring all of the paperwork requirements concerning vaccination records.

    Also you are REQUIRED to take your dog out to the bathroom every four hours. The people at the kennel do not handle your dogs. You must also bring your own food. The kennel is 20 dollars per day per dog. They open 30 minutes before the park opens and close 30 minutes after the park closes.

  6. I love my dog, and while I love animals I am a responsible pet owner and I can't take him everywhere I go. Usually I leave him at my grandparents if my dad comes with me and my mom, or my dad has to watch over him and stay home. That's great the park now has kennels but I have common sense in knowing my pet can't go everywhere with me.

  7. Walt Disney you really are very true genius man
    coming up this idea
    a Disneyland Kennel Club for pets like cats and dogs but mostly dogs,
    I really love this idea a lot plus he did come up with that idea during the 1950's
    the kennel club opened in the year of 1958
    it was Walt Disney's idea after all and I have to agree with him too
    it was very smart way to take care of your pets it is so much better than leaving them in the car because they would've died from heat stroke.
    Walt Disney is an animal lover and so am I too especially cats and dogs.
    Thank You Mr. Walt Disney for coming up with this idea.


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