Eurovision Flash Mob Dance (Part l)

Here is the official Eurovision Flash Mob Dance. It Consists of four parts – watch and learn!

The dance will play an important part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Grand Final, and we will travel throughout Europe to film you dancing. Hopefully, we will see you on tv!

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  1. Eurovision Flash Mob Dance lol oh my god no ahahaha
    Wonderfull idea Norway people whats next Eurovision cooking lessons ahahaha
    Snap your fingers and looka them ahahahaha

  2. I love that video! And idea with flash-mob is fine! Dance flash-mobs always look impressive, and they help to share positive emotions, and logo of this ESC is "Share the moment"! I'd like to take part in this flash-mob! I wonder when it happens 🙂 can't wait when I come to Oslo! Best wishes from Russia!

  3. I'm sure critical comments were written by moody people who can't have fun and who never was at Eurovision, because there are just open-hearted, joyful and happy people in real EurovisionFamily!

  4. The song used in this video is called Glow. It`s made by the norwegian rapgroup Madcon, who will perform on stage during the interval act in this years esc-show.
    The song will be realeased shortly AFTER the Eurovision.

  5. @Niiennava

    What was she thinking of?
    She also danced wrong and destroyed for the other one.
    Why didn't she do as instructed when she is a instructor herself?

  6. @mirrimirrima

    The security guards were obviousily not instructed good enough.
    Some with responsibility haven't done their job and told the the guards.
    Responsible person should have made sure that all guards knew what was going to happen in the show.

  7. @selenej2

    They didn't know that the instructur was part of the show when she was jumping behind Madcom. That's the situation.

  8. Damn, I am so sorry I didn't know about this before. But Holland where I live right now didn't participate anyway (or at least they didn't show it on tv). Otherwise I would have participated for sure. It's a lifetime experience!

  9. Part 1 und 2 sind leicht, die kann ich sogar mit meinem verletzten Knie einigermaßen gut tanzen. Aber 3 und 4 bekomm ich erst hin, wenn mein Knie wieder in Ordnung is…

  10. Hetalia Day in america! Can't believe I have to learn this dance for it, but I guess practicing this dance in front of friends and family is part of showing how much I'm devoted to the show.

  11. Omg. This dance is really cool, at least the fourth part. Today we danced it in school, it was GREAT!! You gotta try to dance it, it's just so much FUN!!! 😀


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