Escaping The BOYFRIEND VIRUS In Minecraft!

The server is invaded by boyfriends, and they all want to date me!
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  1. Um excuse me aphmau but someone by the name of “I EXPOSED A GAY YOUTUBER IN MY PLAYLIST” was hating on you and and your fan culture has been defending you, so I just wanna ask if your could help your subscribers by telling this hater to go?

    Ps it was a comment on “ YO” saying congrats to everyone who was early and found this comment!🏆

  2. Hey aphmau i am Aliya I love your videos u are the best I want to give a idia so you will be a mom and ur husband will be Aaron u will adopt kessie u will be a family and stay happy love from India❤️❤️🥰🥰

  3. Aphmu maya gaming made a an account on roblox the name is the real aphmu sorry is I spelt it wrong but its ur user name on Minecraft jess and I know ur real name

  4. When that Jock boyfriend broken I screamed and my mom came running in like oh my gosh honey are you OK I’m like no I’m not she’s like what and I say a jock boyfriend broken

  5. I love how Aphmau and kc was going to go to Zane`s house but instead they saw 1000000000000000 boyfriends and kc was kidnapped she regret`s because she was the only person who download the mod that is why she regrets it I am sorry kc you got kidnapped and aphmau can you a video about Aaron and you please because it's Wil give me more memories and kc sorry I love your videos but I am you're very very very big fan thank you for your support and your kindness I love how you make Aaron get your videos big fan of APHMAU!


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