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Soldiers of the special unit of the Ukrainian army ‘Alfa’. Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehicles and the YPR-765 APCs donated by the Netherlands. What happened was that the Russians attempted to cross the Dnieper River by means of a pontoon bridge. Unexpectedly, they came under heavy fire from Ukrainian troops.


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  1. Totally enjoy this presenter. Great humour and this channel also gives some more hard hitting feedback from the front. Ukrainians are doing an amazing job and I wish them all the best in their victory. I'm much older now but been involved in the Angolan War in 80's. If I was much younger I would have gone to help fight the orcs in Ukraine. Slava Ukraine. Greetings from South Africa

  2. I don't know what hit them but a lot of Russians wounded at 9:23 — tbh I don't like seeing anyone hurt but those Russians can blame Putin. All this killing and destruction is his fault. Long live Ukraine and God please let them be free.

  3. Thankyou Poland for the report. Great stuff but can you tell me how they got the footage of this assault on the Russians. They were obviously filming it themselves?. Or were they directly showing the world or around them directly?.

  4. Vladimir Putin's facial expressions, body language, demeanor and voice indicates that he is desperate, distraught, frustrated and depressed. Vladimir Putin is noticeably becoming more and more paranoid, his suspicion and hubris getting worse by the day, increasing his unreliability, posing a huge threat to world peace. All that comes out of his twisted mind are nonsensical threats to Europe. However, his threats also directly threaten the Russian people themselves! The European population suffers from Russia's sanctions, but they do not outweigh the suffering of the Russian population from the sanctions of the West. Inflation in Europe is high because of the energy shortage, but inflation in Russia is sky-high because of all kinds of shortages! His delusions regarding Ukraine, the European Union and the United States, that they pose a threat to Russia, most likely caused by psychosis, have only led to a lot of misery in the world. It is too bizarre for words that a single person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia is responsible for this! Vladimir Putin can rightly be compared to Adolf Hitler who was also a paranoid schizophrenic and who sent millions of people to their deaths. How many more people will be sent to their deaths by Vladimir Putin? The chance of a third world war is very real, however, this will be catastrophic for the livability on earth and therefore for humanity. However, the question is to what extent the disease in Vladimir Putin is getting worse? That Vladimir Putin is nearing his demise is almost certain, but will he have the chance to drag humanity into his demise? Due to his illness, he will not have any problems with it himself. Vladimir Putin must be stopped before it is too late anyway and the only ones who can do that are the Russian people themselves!

  5. Onward Christian soldiers, marching off to war. With the cross of Jesus.. a song we sang in Bible school.. Reminds me of these soldiers.. God had no mercy for these men.. Sad to watch ,but then I think of all the brutality they inflicted on innocent children and family ,then have a metal pinned on their chest for it..

  6. For anyone who's interested, the song that begins playing at 2:36 is; “A Lullaby for an Enemy,” by the Ukrainian singer, Anastasiya Shevchenko. The lyrics and music are very haunting and quite beautiful and l particularly like this video that is set to her song. Youtube takes down my links so l'll post it as a comment to my comment.

  7. Hello Janash Ravinsky, glad you came back. The other guy, the Chinese guy, is too robotic and boring. That Russians are always on their phones giving updates to their families is very unprofessional of them. Good for them

  8. As long russian soldiers are on Ukrainian soil fighting for putin, they will continue dying till finish, GOD will never help them or have mercy on them. They are in another man's country and fighting against them. Ukraine does not want this war, but since russians have insisted on fighting Ukrainians in their own country, no russian soldiers is goin home alive, they must all die in ukraine.

  9. The Free World is band together to stop Putin and his ORCs. Putin’s army is in disarray because the Mafia State of Putin siphoned away the funds that were meant for military improvement. Too bad but Russia needs to go home and get rid of Putin!

  10. Very impressing Pictures from the Ukrainian Forces, Most of them with a smile on theyre Faces. They know why theyre fighting. SLAVA UKRAINE from Germany, send the Orcs back Home – hopefully in black Plastic Bags.

  11. I do not know who this soldier was. He had the wrong uniform in the wrong country, and he might have done terrible things, or maybe he was just a dumb slum who could not even read and was tricked into 'defending mother Russia from invading Nato barbarians. I do know that as he sat there he was afraid, in pain, and abandoned, and his mother had no idea how he was crying for her
    I hope the war ends tonight and the mothers can see their sons again

  12. This must have been Pootin’s plan: totally destroy eastern Ukraine and its people, mostly russophones. This is the only explanation at hand, beyond the fact that he himself is an idiot x-KGB agent that got the power with mafia-style tactics (blackmailing Yeltsin) and corrupting the rest x-KGB scums so that they owe, being eternally his slaves, even their own lives to him, a moron with immense wealth and unlimited fascist-like autocratic power…
    And now seriously: Ukraine and its people are great! May Russians be sometime like these people!

  13. Its too bad that all we can see is the RUSSIAN tank pop tops…and not the skulls of the ORCS being smashed up against them before the launch sequence commences.

  14. so for russians is not so good when bombing are over them, to feel what poor ukrainian citizens feeled when bombs falling all over theyr homes, eye for eye fkn no soul dorcs

  15. Just a note: we should thank RuSSians that they came to feed the Ukrainian wildlife with fresh meat. They don't collect all their dead, they often leave them there (and families get no compensation). UA forces are more responsible towards their fallen.

  16. This poor Russian soldier left behind by his comrades. I feel sad for any victim. Remember those Russian soldiers are often considered expendable, by their own leaders.

  17. God forgave me for what is going through my mind about those Russians tanks exploding, im still traumatized with a video of those bastards killing Ukraine family and taking the teen girl that just watched them killing her family away in a tank.

  18. Happy to see Dutch military equipment being put to good use. Here they would just collect dust. There, they may save some lives. Long live Ukraine.

  19. I'm sorry, but no video of destruction of RF troops or dead RF troops is disturbing! The real disturbance is the fact that they could March into a sovereign country and think they will own it. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦💪Heroyam Slava!! ❤️

  20. A smarmy bunch of Polish propoganda. The west has a long way to go before we can smile about the downfall of the Russian forces. Save this type of rubbish for comic books.

  21. American veteran here. 3 years in Iraq. Note how his fellow 'comrades' run right past or left their fellow wounded soldier. That would NEVER happen in most any Western countries armed forces, most especially American! GLORY TO UKRAINE!! Go home to your fetid country Orcs!! Get you a new and NON-INSANE leader!!


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