Alessandro Diamanti struck the decisive penalty after Gianluigi Buffon had denied Ashley Cole as Cesare Prandelli’s side booked a semi-final with Germany.

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  1. losing this penalty shoot-out was a blessing in disguise because whoever was going to get to the final would have been thrashed by spain, just as Italy were 4 nil

  2. That’s Andrea Pirlo giving Joe Hart a football lesson. 3:58
    England lost again against us at the penalties, history repeated itself .. this time at a final though, in Wembley! The typical icing on the cake. It came Rome! 🇮🇹🏆💙

  3. 9 years later and still the same result. England with first two sucess and the 3,4,5 are failed. Italy has same Guardian named gianluigi :D. History repeat as cycle

  4. If Jorginho scored it would've been frighteningly similar
    Balotelli ✅ Berardi ✅
    Gerrard ✅ Kane ✅
    Montolivo ❌ Belotti ❌
    Rooney ✅ Maguire ✅
    Pirlo ✅ Bonucci ✅
    Young ❌ Rashford ❌ (both woodwork)
    Nocerino ✅ Bernadeschi ✅
    Cole ❌ Sancho ❌ (both saved shooting right)
    Diamanti ✅ Jorginho ❌
    N/A Saka ❌

  5. 2012 MU Player Missed Pen and Fail to Next Round
    2016 MU Player Succed Pen and Fail to Next Round
    2021 MU Player Missed Pen and Fail to Champion

    What Happen Between MU Players with Pen ?

  6. 2012
    italy pinalty number 2 no goal
    england pinalty number 3 manchester united player hit a crossbar
    england pinalty number 4 arsenal player no goal…

    De Ja Vu in 2021

  7. LOL. Just because of the one joker in Joe Hart, the whole team and all supporters look like idiots. What a tool, I hope he watched this on repeat, the disrespectful prick 🤣

  8. In euro 2012 england 2-1 Italy ahead on penalties after two kicks and lost
    In euro 2020 england 2-1 italy ahead on penalties after two kicks and then lost
    So it doesn't matters how you start ,how you ends that matters the most👌😍

  9. What's truly amazing and a bit comical is that in several of England's penalty shootout losses over the years they actually had a lead in the shootout but couldn't close the deal. Here as well as in this year's euro final where they were up 2-1 after 2 rounds and then missed their final 3 kicks. Forza Azzurri!

  10. First italy goal, first England capten goal
    Second italy deny, second England as MU player score
    Third Italy as Juventus goal, third England as also MU player hit the bar

    Really Dejavu of euro

  11. England's clowning around in penalty shootouts (2012 and 2021) actually betrays how insecure their players feel about it. While all the Italians appear composed and ready to finish the job.

  12. Italy Missed the second PK and England Missed the third and Fourth PK , same situation ,but the difference was at Joe Hart that he can't saved last PK coz he was already got mental downgrade after Pirlo scored PK with panenka style XD


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