Endometriosis | Q&A with Dr. Patzkowsky

Dr. Kristin Patzkowsky, a minimally invasive surgeon from the department of Gynecology and Obstetrics answers your common questions asked about endometriosis. Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/gynecology_obstetrics/

Endometriosis is a benign disorder characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue (the tissue that lines the uterus) outside the uterine cavity where it becomes attached to reproductive or abdominal organs. The patches of endometrial tissue swell with blood during menstruation as if they were still in the uterus. Endometriosis is a common disorder, most prevalent between the ages of 25 and 40. Symptoms vary and are not strictly correlated with the severity of the disease; they may worsen with time, but tend to diminish during pregnancy and cease with menopause. Many women have no symptoms at all. Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms, the age of the woman, and whether she wishes to have children.

Questions Answered:
1. What is endometriosis? 0:03
2. What are the symptoms of endometriosis? 0:14
3. Can endometriosis affect fertility? 1:15
4. What are the treatment options for endometriosis? 2:01
5. Can endometriosis be a recurring issue? 2:51
6. What is the difference between minimally invasive surgery and open surgery for endometriosis? 3:10
7. What type of physician should I see for surgical treatment of endometriosis? 4:23

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  1. its so sad to see that you left out the main word with the description of endometriosis, endometriosis is SIMILAR tissue ,
    endometriosis will only effect fertility in 30% of women 70% of women should have no problem starting a family

  2. I feel like not everyone wants to treat there pain with medication rather than get to the root of the problem. I’ve been put on Birth Control Pills and depo and they did more damage to my life than anything

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  4. I suspect that I have endometriosis and I went to the doctor yesterday, she looked at me, said I didn’t have it and that I was too young, and sent me on my way. No exams were done, no ultrasounds, no tests.

  5. My goodness this doctor seems so nervous and consistently out of breath. Regardless this video is informative. I started experiencing extreme pain over 20 years ago. I was placed on Lupron to force menopause and experienced a few good years after the treatment with minimal pain but it inevitably came back. I went on birth control pills and had a serious reaction with depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts and had to stop taking them. I went back on the Lupron and again it worked for a few years. About 6 years ago I had the injections a third time and then had a D and C outpatient surgery to remove a nasty chocolate cyst and thin out the endometrium (I believe). The doctor also placed the Mirena at that time. I had 4 wonderful years without pain and without periods. Around the 4 year mark I started getting such intense pains that I was passing out. I removed the Mirena but the pain was getting increasingly worse. Endometriosis is debilitating. I often am unable to go to work or drive a car as the pain prevents me from getting out of bed. I am often nauseous and will become faint and on the verge of passing out. It drains me of all energy. I can't even eat and if I do the food tastes strange and it normally lasts 6-7 days a month though the bleeding is light and normally only 2-3 days the pain is worst for me during that time and also when I ovulate which has a lovely name called middleshmirts or something like that. I can also get intense pains throughout the month that come in short bursts for seemingly no particular reason. I may be just sitting at my desk and the pain feels like I am being stabbed, the intense pain may last as long as 30 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes with smaller bursts of pain for a few hours and then stop. This may be a result of breaking cysts. With the ovulation pain I can almost feel the egg moving along the fallopian tubes though I know thats not factual it does feel like this. During my periods and at ovulation my stomach muscles contract and shake my whole belly and the pain feels as though large hands with sharp fingernails are grasping my ovaries and squeezing and twisting them in a pulsating way. Usually the day before my period my back tightens and I have trouble sitting upright or standing as the muscles are so tense and painful though massage does ease the tension somewhat it persists for days. I do not wish this pain on anyone. Recently I have been experiencing pain in other parts of my body which could be a result of fistulas. I am seeing my doctor again next month to have tests done to find out if the scar tissue has spread. I would not wish this on anyone, truly.

  6. I have every single signs of it…I've been having symptoms for 6mths now..been to the DR twice and was told…"just watch" n see what happens. Cause they were assume I had an effection… even though I told them I had NO sign of yeast infection or STD…. it is so fkn sad that women are NOT being heard n mostly women of color n people with govt insurance are quickly wisk away. No matter how u articulate and know what you're explaining it is pushed aside. I plan to go back to the ER n I wont stop until I've been " heard"….I just hope its NOT too late. especially since I want to have children. :'(

  7. Ithink this was good information, i dont agree with the part that so easy speaks warmth about hormonemedicine, zoladex and putting women in menopause…that i mean is so old news now, an NO evidence that it works, but clear evidence what it can do worse..! I have stage 4, DIE..! It is a daily struggle that affects all aspects in my life. I have three children, the pregnancys were terrible painful without nobody could find out why my uterus was so irritated as they said. Did not get my diagnosis before i was 42 years old, i am now 47 and the two last years i even cant describe or remember, mostly in my bed, fatigue and pain like i am in labour. I know i must seek an specialist that is not from my country, i have visited one..but this is a scary step to take, and it cost money that not ordinary people have in their pockets! Its about time endometriosis getting cleared out and get the attention it needs, it not just can destroy women, but it take so much from our kids, men, family and friends..! I cant belive how this disease has destroyed my life..and with no respect from the doctors around me..ENDO WHAT?!?!..thats so tru, and has to STOP

  8. It's my 9 days after I've gone through laparascopy surgery because last month October I experienced severe pain in my upper abdomen can't walk of so much pain. I went to hospital they checked my full lower and upper abdomen through ultrasound and they found something in my pelvic the result was I had an 7.5cm ovarian cyst it's not cancerous. They scheduled a laparascopic surgery and when they removed my cyst they found out as well through laparascopic camera that I have an endometriosis of ovary. After recovery the doctor told on my follow up visit to her she need to inject medicine for me ( but I don't have idea which medicine she didn't mention) she said it's can stop my menstruation for 6 to 8 months. So now after reading the comments here I have an idea which medicine I think it's a contraceptive pill injection.. im worry I don't know if I will take the injection or refused it. Anyway we will meet I need to ask the doctor. Please any advice if I will take the said injection? I'm afraid to the side effects 😯🙁😓

  9. Endometriosis is an autoimmune disease it attacks the immunology system like cancer until it's weak making it susceptible to other diseases, so if immunological system is being attacked, and vitamin C supports it, why not fill your body with vitamin C at high dosis or units through veins? The disease and the body would confuse it with glucose and absorb it completely rather than via oral which the body can only take 2,000 units, maybe then the immunology system can fight back the disease and maybe control it a little bit without side effects. 📚💉🔬🔎

  10. Very nice video. Thanks for uploading! In Ayurveda, the treatment of Endometriosis is done with the help of herbs and herbal remedies which are non-herbal formulations. Planet Ayurveda offers Female Health Support, Shatavari and Boswellia Curcumin Capsules which treat the problem of endometriosis by its root.

  11. Notice how she doesn't address the cause of endometriosis? That's because medical doctors and big pharma don't recognise the importance of a healthy nerve supply to the pelvic area for healthy functioning. They just want to cut and burn the tissue: mask the symptoms.
    Here's the real cause:

  12. At 15 i was diagnosed with PCOS because I had excess body hair, acne, and only had 2 periods in a year since I was 13. I was in birth control since then until a year ago. I was regular, never late (even without the bc) up until about 5 months ago. They are now up to 6 days late, a LOTTT heavier, extremely extremely painful. I get sick to my stomach. Each period, it gets heavier and way more painful. But also up until recently, I thought every female hurt during/after intercourse. I thought it was normal. But I can't go to doctors any time soon because I no longer have insurance. Also my periods are lasting way longer than they normally do. My grandmother has uterine cancer and my mother has endometriosis with a cyst on her ovary. I'm extremely concerned

  13. I was treated with depot Lupron, mirrena, and bc pills which all caused unbearable side effects. I was Rx’d Tramadol for LBP recently and wow! I feel like Tramadol has been a God send. Honestly helps with pain (not 💯) but it also, to my surprise cures my depression. I get no high, no euphoria, I just feel like me when I was 19. Is it possible to have Tramadol rx’d for continual use at a low dose by my dr?

  14. I hope you can be help to me with what I have to ask you. I was just wondering if you think that I might have it. I’ve been having pelvic pain on and off, I often feel fatigued, irritable when on my period, I have mood swings, and last month when I got my period I had severe cramps I felt week and I threw up 7 times and when I went to go take a shower I couldn’t stand up and then I decided to lie down in the bathtub and that never helped me. I also felt like I had a fever and I had hot flashes. I’ve been getting headaches also on and off too. My other symptoms are acne and hair growth. Is this endometriosis or is there something you think that I might have by reading what I posted?

  15. 60,000 hits. Its not easy putting information out there knowing it will be open to scrutiny and so many opinions. Anyone would be a little anxious. Amazing Doctor, person and solid information. Enough said..J. Lopez

  16. and medical therapy does not treat, stop progression or prevent a recurrence, in fact disease gets worse on medical therapy and proper treatment is delayed. To see this from a university program is distressing

  17. My friend was suffering from Endometriosis it includes symptoms like heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain etc. It was very painful for her. She tried Female health Support by   "Planet Ayurveda" for this and got relief.

  18. My depo shot got rid of all of my symptoms!!! I’m 2 months in and haven’t had to spend a week off work or walking around like Igor to exist! I’m also not trying to have kids though…

  19. What is the treatment?nothing….surgery?i had and its back so what i will get operate till my real menopause? I have implantant to be in menopause…and after 6 months? I will be in the same shit as before….my advice would be …if i sign a paper that i dont want kids …pls remove my uterus and ovaries…doesnt matter if iam 36 or 40 or less ….if i dont want a kids i dont need this as well…cuz this is not a life ….u are not living life u are just surviving every month

  20. its not right to make people think that a surgery will fix you. My pain came back 3 months after my laparoscopy. And all the hormonal 'solutions' have horrible side effects too. Extreme pain once a month or headaches every day.. which would you choose? Does that mean you are healed? No.

  21. They characterize it as "Benign Disorder": a true vestige of male-dominated "medical training", yet perpetuated by FEMALE doctors.
    By the way, it gets WORSE with menopause!!!
    I had respect for John's Hopkins until this ignorant blonde bimbo and Event201. Extremely questionable!! I believe "medical doctors" are never taught how to read and interpret research and use clinical reasoning with each patient!!!

  22. Many years ago when I when to the doctor and he told me that I had this problem it was just an exray that my doctor told me to do n then he told me that what I could do to ease the pain ,he recommend that I could take contraceptive on a back to back basis or go on early menopause or continue having kids to a avoid the pain ,so I started to take the contraceptive for 8 years on a back to back basis then I stop for 1 years and got pregnant then the pain went away but now in my 44 age the pain is back and sometime I feel like am gonna die and my menstrual period will.last for 2 to 3 weeks if I dont start back the contraceptive, now when I have my menstrual cycle I would have a bowel movement for almost 3 times for the second day of my menstrual period doctor I really need some help .why do I really believe that I have this problem with out doing a surgery is be cause the symptoms are the same plz I need some help to make the pain go away

  23. I had stage 4, and didn't even know it. I went in for surgery to improve my infertility, and ended up having to have my fallopian tubes removed, because they were so scarred over. I will never have children now, but it is what it is.

  24. **💓💓am filled with joy and happiness with my family today, because of fibroids my tubes was block for 5years after using Dr Omo herbal medicine I just give birth to a boy🤱🏿last month here❤️ herbal medicine work perfectly well


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