End Israel-Gaza Conflict – Urge Top UN Officials

Top officials at the world body urgently call for an immediate ceasefire, following the recent surge in deadly violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), particularly Gaza, and in Israel.

“If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza” ,Secretary-General António Guterres said, expressing deep shock at the continued air and artillery bombardment by the Israeli Defence Forces in Gaza that has so far claimed the lives of more than 200 Palestinians, including 60 children, and injured thousands more.

He also called “unacceptable”, the indiscriminate rocket fire towards Israel by Hamas – which controls the enclave – and other militant groups that has resulted in at least 12 deaths.

Sombre situation
Appealing to all parties to “cease hostilities”, the UN chief underscored: “The fighting must stop immediately”.

He painted a grim picture of damaged civilian infrastructure in Gaza, closed crossings, power shortages affecting water supplies, hundreds of buildings and homes destroyed, hospitals impaired and thousands of Palestinians homeless.

“The fighting has…forced over fifty thousand people to leave their homes and seek shelter in UNRWA (the UN relief agency for Palestine refugees) schools, mosques, and other places with little access to water, food, hygiene or health services”, lamented the top UN official.

He said he was “deeply distressed” by damage to UN facilities, upholding that “humanitarian installations” are “inviolable”, including during armed conflict.

Read more at UN News: https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/05/1092332

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  1. Thanks to US Congress MP peace loving
    People of world and UN for doing his duty towards humanity And hope they will continue this without baised approch ,will never support aggressier
    View to gain personnel benifit, work for humanity your efforts will be rewarded soon .

  2. After die all the UN members and the powerfull people thery thought in the mind in the world is useless when Afterlife they are questions form the almighty God.
    Not the single one have in the world who have not test the fear of die.
    Think about that.

  3. Whose gonna answer for all that massacre you have cuased in palestine. Now if those children whose families u have destroyed will come to take revenge. Dont call them terrorist and who knows human psychology better then u people. You know well.

  4. Every Single Nation Effects and Suffering is like, Problem of Whole World Effects and Suffering the Problem. So Think deeply, Think more Angle. Remaining National are don't keep quiet and silent, Say something, and keep Peace ☮️ World 🌎

  5. What’s the point. If it was Iran’s doing you would be putting sanctions or would have already had NATO intervene. Now, in case of Israel you speak too late, too little. What mockery of the world system.

    Sooner or later Israel’s will need to pay for their double standards and WAR crimes.

  6. What we're u doing sir….y did not u end the conflict before.. every expectations was on un…u must have taken wiser decission…dey even destroyed the holy month of Palestine people

  7. Palestine Is a COUNTRY. U.N.O must give RECOGNITION to PALESTINE as a COUNTRY and save the RIGHTS OF PALESTINIAN.

  8. Zionist stopped cause mostly Muslims nation united now they will attack again when Muslims fight each other. Learn the lesson and be ready for it

  9. Cease-fire now in place but… Israel’s hit its target of hitting 50 schools and hospitals & killed 50+ kids so mission accomplished for another year for them.

  10. يا حكام الأمة المسلمة!
    ما الذي جعلك جبانا؟
    من ماذا انت خائف
    يا حكام المسلمين!
    ما الذي أهانك؟
    هل يمكن أن يأتي الموت قبل الوقت المحدد؟
    هل يمكن للصداقة اليهودية أن تنقذك من الموت؟
    عندما يكون الموت والحياة في يد الله ، فلماذا لا يسبق موت الشرف على حياة العار؟۔۔۔

  11. "The biggest terrorist is the god of the Quran. I know this is very dangerous and this will offend many people. The more you follow the steps of the prophet of Islam and the God of Islam, the more you get close to being a terrorist." – Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas, Palestine

  12. UN should be closed down, they have failed in implementing their own resolutions like incase of Palestine, kashmir etc etc. They are only wasting time and money…

  13. Israel should also be warned if any discomfit situation will be created,all UN members will attack and remove the trace of Israel from world map…

  14. Oh a angry letter from the weakest most pathetic waste of money in the history of humanity.

    The UN.

    Don't worry you don't have to reply to my message with a angry letter i won't listen you anyway. I don't respect cucks.

  15. First I Thanks alot of my Allah All the forces are in his possession
    . Muslims should take lesson of unity becase our Muslims brothers who dying is not coming back to this world.

  16. Who will give the loss of the precious lives of the people who have suffered so much financial loss, who will give.(UN) Israel everything has done now after stop the war.

  17. Send a protection force to Jerusalem right now. What a useless Organization. Reminds me of the “league of nations”. What a spineless organization the UN is. A bunch of pu$$ies. If the UN is saying israel is violating international law and has been since its existence in by don’t you send troops in? UN= Useless nations

  18. What would you do now Israel attacked again after agreeing on ceasefire, how useless and time waster is UNO, the only solution is to send collective forces to protect humanity in ghaza …

  19. Keep it your best support & kind efforts for peacefull globaly💯🙏🤝🌏🌍🌎🗺
    Please follow the leaderships of a Salahuddin Al-Ayubi & King of Benzyntine HH Sir Ronald for their peace & freedom agreement in the Jerusalem @ Baitulmaqdis in the past era's. An independence deal for their beloved nations (Arab-Muslims, Arab-Christianity, Jewish-Israeli) during 13th CE.

  20. Welcome Palestinians. I hope you will drive away the invading Israeli empire. Vietnamese people always support the Palestinian people, leader Y. Arafat, Hamas leader in wheelchair A. Yassin.
    For this land to have peace, Israel must return the lands stolen from the Palestinians.

  21. May Allah protect the people of Palestine from the Jews of Israel. The Muslims of Palestine are the real heirs of the first Qibla of Jerusalem. Our lives and property are present for the Muslims of Palestine. May Allah protect the Muslims of Palestine from the persecution of the Jews. Al-Aqsa Mosque is a holy place for Muslims all over the world.

  22. Kingdom of Suomi announces that UN, EU, or Suomen Valtio (Finland), or any of their officials or authorities have NO jurisdiction NOR legality in any of the areas of the kingdom of Suomi. INRI X

  23. Its always never too late. Better now than never. I hope UNs verbal support shud soon turn into action, and find a solution for peace, and a check against War Crimes.

  24. No. Comments. But, only The Day of Judgment you (UN) entire. Facing on me. I am also pardon from Allah (Almighty GOD.) just like yours. Pardon me whatever wrong with us from knowing or unknowns things. But it's not enough. You knowing entire situation very well. If I, illiterate Infront of you knowing most of the things . Because from soil to satellite and space you know it very well. Anyway Almighty GOD continues blessings and cares on all of us. Long lives with good health. Congratulations in advance for your second terms.



  26. Teach this Arab countries to handle their conflict on their own ,do not approach UN,when they don't want to settle fr peace
    "I do not know what shd I do in my own country that's why I am here"

  27. I’m shocked as well. While we are focusing on prosperity, for all global citizens, business development, computerized economies, human rights or new strategies to create sustainable economic growth Military Idiots are firing missiles for infrastructure funding, creating human deaths, displacement or stirring up the fighting for military funding. Crazy

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  29. Thank You│UN✶ ⃝🇺🇳🇺🇳
    الاُمَـــــمُ المـتّـحــــــــدَة │🇺🇳🇺🇳 ⃝🇺 🇳🌈

    لا يمكن لأية دولة ولا ينبغي لأية دولة أن تفرض نظاما للحكم على أية دولة أخرى | ومع ذلك لن يقلل ذلك من التزامي تجاه الحكومات التي تعبر عن إرادة الشعب | حيث يتم التعبير عن هذا المبدأ في كل دولة وفقا لتقاليد شعبها | إن أميركا لا تفترض أنها تعلم ما هو الأفضل بالنسبة للجميع | كما أننا لا نفترض أن تكون نتائج الانتخابات السلمية | هي النتائج التي نختارها | ومع ذلك يلازمني اعتقاد راسخ بأن جميع البشر يتطلعون لامتلاك قدرة التعبير عن أفكارهم وآرائهم | في أسلوب الحكم المتبع في بلدهم | ويتطلعون للشعور بالثقة في حكم القانون | وفي الالتزام بالعدالة والمساواة في تطبيقه | ويتطلعون كذلك لشفافية الحكومة وامتناعها عن نهب أموال الشعب | ويتطلعون لحرية اختيار طريقهم في الحياة | إن هذه الأفكار ليست أفكارا أميركية فحسب | بل هي حقوق إنسانية | وهي لذلك الحقوق التي سندعمها في كل مكان.

    I think you Will make A translator .


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