Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022

In this unedited conversation, Elon Musk — the head of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company — digs into the recent news around his bid to purchase Twitter and gets honest about the biggest regret of his career, how his brain works, the future he envisions for the world and a lot more. (This conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson was recorded April 14, 2022)

1:22 Tesla Texas Gigafactory interview clip
11:34 Elon Musk live at TED2022
11:48 Twitter, free speech and open-sourcing the algorithm
27:40 Tesla and short sellers
32:02 If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
33:44 Electric vehicles, manufacturing and sleeping on the floor of the Tesla factory
38:04 “At this point I think I know more about manufacturing than anyone currently alive on Earth.”
39:15 Elon’s “Master Plan” and accelerating a sustainable energy economy
42:36 SNL, Asperger’s, childhood and how Elon’s brain works
46:48 “I was absolutely obsessed with truth.”
49:23 Philosophy, the meaning of life and the “why” of things
51:43 What the future will look like
52:37 “We want to do our absolute best to make sure the future is … something you can look forward to and not feel sad about.”

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  1. Is this a far left-driven talk? Elon works harder than any employee he has, but I feel this conversation was driven to highlight his mistakes with the hope he slips up. I would love to interview Elon, with real questions that everyone else does not ask. Everyone highlights his failures because they are jealous and have an agenda. I would love to know more about what he is teaching in his school for the benefit of my children, and also his recommendations for visionaries starting off. It is easy for people to find the flaw, but I would rather learn from the mistakes for the benefit of the next generation.

  2. Elon Musk has the permission and authority to take people from anywhere in the World and Colonize them on Mars…….

    The authoritarian Image of Elon Musk is similar to a Hitler in training.

    Elon Musk created Neurolink as an unnecessary accessory.

    Elon Musk knows he can and believes that he will control the minds of everyone on Earth through ether, electricity, and his ability to control the minds (AC/DC on/off switch) of every human being using Teslas ideas.

    Quiet as kept! Elon Musk is Mafioso! he is coercing Twitter to sell to him or else…..

    Elon Musk is a Multiplanetary Being and he probably coined the phrase.

  3. I feel privileged that I get to hear and witness Elon Musk"s brain work outloud and understand his brilliant strategy to gain control over TWITTER and reinventing FREE SPEECH again!!!!!!

  4. HI FROM Moncton N.B. Canada I SENT Mr. Elon Musk a letter to the Austin Manufacturing Department with a few Ideas 💡 was wondering if he got it? and let him know it's not Anthrax or nothing like that LoL 😜 Thank you for your time. That's if the TED people actually read this 😎🎶😜🎶😎

  5. ELON MUSK is a DISRUPTER; He disrupted the CAR industry; He disrupted the SPACE travel industry; and now he understands that FREE SPEECH is at risk and he is trying to fix this with purchasing TWITTER, the PLATFORM.

  6. Without coin, connections, community, chances and computer code… I really have nothing to be excited about any more except ONE thing. And that thing is something which NO ONE else has an interest in. Which just makes me sadder by the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and now… it's been several YEARS. :/

    I have to say: I'M EXHAUSTED. There's really not much left. But I'm trying. I keep working VERY hard. But it doesn't really seem to matter anymore.


  7. It's simple really you have to allow all but the most the dangerous speech. Offending people isn't a reason to remove a tweet. Nor is disagreeing with the tweet a reason to get rid of it. Being based on faulty reasoning isn't a reason to get rid of it.

  8. FSD is beset by people determined to make it fail out in the world because they insist on safety or so they say regardless or because of economics commerce today has more strictures place upon it, this wasn’t so in the last commercial generation.

  9. To me, as a biological entity with a pretty high functioning brain, one of the major hurdles I see for safe self-driving cars is our road systems coupled with a bunch of really bad drivers in NON-self-driving cars.

    Our brains supposedly outperform even the most sophisticated computers in terms of things like taking in information and assembling it in less than the blink of an eye in order to tell the body how to react. I think we may be a long way off from replicating that in a machine.

    And getting back to road systems, think about what it took for you to learn how to get around most efficiently in your own neighborhoods or on the drive to work and back. There's a whole lot of calculation, decision-making and learning just to do that.

    And once you're on the road, think about all the variables you are paying attention to (hopefully) when you're driving, especially the behavior of other drivers on the road.

    Can we eventually have highly efficient, safe self-driving cars? Probably. But I think the roads we drive on will change AND it will take having most, if not all, people in self-driving cars.

  10. As someone who has always a had a stutter a certain degree, I don't do it nearly as much nowadays as I used to. However, one thing I noticed it was the anticipation of already having an answer in your head and constantly repeating it in your head until you are able to actually say it due to for example social factors of not wanting to speak to early when it's not quite your turn to speak per say. When it was my turn to read it grade school, i've already read everything multiple times but just the effort to get that first word out could be difficult so I would skip to the next word. So, just starting to be more spontaneous in my thinking/acting was one of the key things that helped me start to overcome it but mine is pretty much like elon's now. just happens here in there in certain situations but not very much at all.

  11. The first time I heard Elon I went and bought as many shares of $TSLA I could. It was $250 pre split. I told all my friends I believe his vision. His goal was hitched not on the success his business but of mankind itself. From releasing patents to building from the first principle of physics, which is how we have rockets that land themselves and how we can provide Internet anywhere in the world.

    Even now, invest in $tsla. Tsla is aapl before the smartphone became mainstream. Sure some have iPods, but when full self driving becomes mainstream, Tesla will be in everyone’s life.

  12. Here here, Elon said:"Let the tweet exist." It's like in the old days of getting up on the soapbox and speaking your mind. Freedom to express opinion and ideas is extremely important. Instead of deleting accounts or banning people, it's better to give people "time out" for going too far. I really do not think any ONE person should own large platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; not even Elon Musk. However, it's important he stays as a shareholder as he holds public sway….or he could start a new platform of his own and call it Tesla Soapbox! I'm sure he holds large influence with Twitter as he's all over Twitter as a multitude of Elon based channels – there's no way he responses personally, he must have 50-100 people posting on his behalf! I think he needs to relax now and take a week off then focus on Tesla, solar panels, batteries and the Mission and not spread himself too thinly. He seems very exhausted so why take on Twitter – best to not get mixed up with social media ownership and that stress. Oh I have a good book for him to read – it's not hitchhiker guide to the galaxy but rather rare and it's about galaxies
    and layers of civilizations. There's always more to learn – it's exciting to get up and learn.

  13. Likes are censored here “you and others” really?… it’s unbelievable how ballsy these media elites are. They won’t be the elite for long. 💎💎💎

  14. For evil lost the day it was born. Our God hasn't even flexed a muscle when he drowned every one on Earth for being evil. This means our God is our God of Destruction who we must please every day or get destroyed by without him even moving a muscle.

  15. In my life time I've been asking, is there a truly good person, good leader that really fought for the future of humanity, no corruption, no nonsense, just do it for the good cause. Thanks Elon for being that person.

  16. I despise mainstream media which decides what you can or cannot say. Still, it is terrifying to know that hate speech may be allowed to linger out there longer then it should. So we do need monitoring at some levels and country laws changed so that perpetrators of hate speech can be hauled up. But most certainly Elon’s twitter will be welcomed by the majority.
    And thanks so much for this amazing interview. So much class here!

  17. I like him because he displays broader aspects of himself instead of the fake virtue signaling idols of Hollywood who pretends to be perfect. We know Elon isn't perfect and we can evaluable for ourselves. He's admirable because he relentlessly leads by example instead of just talking about it.

  18. 35:50 "I lived Fremont and Nevada factories for three years fixing that production line

    running around like a maniac through every part of that factory living with the

    team. I slept on the floor so the ream who was going through hard time could see

    me on the floor that they new I wasn't in some Ivory Tower. Whatever pain they

    experienced I had it MORE." – Elon Musk

  19. Love Elons can do attitude. But I think after being "cautiously worried" about AI, to making a Robot "buddy" is quite a jump. I do think it is a factor in his dream to reach Mars. What better than sending forward for the same payload and weight a number of AI Robots to prepare the way for the Human expansion into the galaxy. But I feel Elon has factored in the speed of gaining his dream above those left behind to live on this planet. But who knows, give it a go Elon others with more questionable motives are working on similar AI projects.

  20. Elon Must have watched Interreflections. Peter Joseph, Andrew Yang and the like are correct. Less labor more machines, more cheap and ultimately free abundant resources. Free access to replace labor for income! and those of you who ask what shall i do then? answer: same things you do now except more with your family!!

  21. Thanks for asking about his ASD. I have it as does my son. It has taken me years and years to really understand myself and why I think the way that I do, behave the way that I behave. It is so nice and rewarding to see and hear about Elons experience, as short as that segment was.
    Hopefully one day Elon can open up and give his advice and insights to what happened with Nevada and how he overcame that ordeal.

  22. In general, the decision for what is right and wrong has to be agreed on – which kinda falls into the space of government (which has pros and cons, but it's still where it should be – government should also be trustworthy)

  23. Elon’s goals for Twitter align with those of Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde. They’ve expressed wanting to make Twitter’s actions more transparent. Elon stills seems to be in support of mediation on Twitter. These are not easy problems to solve. What Elon wants to do isn’t all that new. It’s just hard. Maybe he’d be better at getting folks to figure it out. He did mention how the perception is important and I guess the way folks perceive Twitter’s mediation practices isn’t positive or is overly biased. I don’t think this is the case but rather just a symptom of the media bubbles we put ourselves in. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  24. ELECTRIC Cars are not CLEAN or GREEN. This is baloney.
    Do you know where and the state in which the COBALT that is used manufacturing the batteries are mined?
    Watch this videos on YouTube
    (1) Blood Cobalt
    (2) Blood Batteries

  25. It's funny how he went from relaxed to tense when questions about his child hood and supposed interests in physics sprung up. Seems like he's bullsh**ing.

  26. we'll see even more things changed through elon. so interesting to see what one person can change, and inspiring to start also inspiring and stop looking at others too much

  27. i wanted elon to wipe out all the bots and shills from twitter to reveal the actual organic humans that are participating. but big money vangaurd and blackrock says no.

  28. I've watched pretty much every Elon Musk video and I frankly think this is not only the best Elon's interview ever but the All Time best interview. It's the meaning behind it what I'm talking about. I think this interview is very very important for society.


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