Elon Musk JUST REVEALED SpaceX’s INSANE NEW 3D Printers That Make Rockets

Elon Musk & SpaceX 3D Printers For SpaceX Rockets

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Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the technique of creating three-dimensional solid items from a freakin’ computer file. People who don’t know about 3d printing would be like, Huh! How’s that possible? And #ElonMusk is taking it to another level. How’s that? By building rockets out of these. Yeah you heard it right, Musk is printing rockets. Wanna know more about it? Stay tuned in the video.

#SpaceX began employing additive manufacturing to mass-produce rocket partsin 2014, and it sent its first 3D printed part to space in 2015.
The corporation is now using 3D printing technology, such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), to produce parts in days rather than months as part of its ambition to occupy Mars by 2050. Because of the high-performance parts produced by 3D printing, SpaceX is able to design #SpaceXRockets that can be refueled and reused multiple times.

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Comment (128)

  1. Differently on a mission. All the Best to him and his companies. Just wish we had someone with his vision in uk 🇬🇧 But our industries are a little busy at the moment with pronouns, kneeling and any other fk wit notions. I'm shore we'll get there in the end.

  2. Build a 👉GIANT METAL👉 Bell👈 and make it in the shape of a Taco 🌮 and Call it Taco Bell. Put a Sign next to it that says It exists but its not meant to be eaten

  3. I assumed they would do this at some point, i also thought the heat shield could be some sort of multidip and bake process or perhaps 3-d but the tiles just seem like stone age tech… too many fault issues… and IM SURE Elon and Company is well aware of this too.

  4. Our DaVinci!
    In a Universe of unlimited possibilities we have (humanity has) a man with unlimited VISION!
    I for one, am glad to have ELON on our side!
    Semper fi Elon Dozzi
    Man Out of Time

  5. It might be worth looking ,to see if it can improve the fit of space X tiles for a better contour shape on the rocket,as it seems the tiles differ from shape to shape around the sides and top with different curves and reducing shape.on the way to the top of the nose cone.

  6. What an awesome company 3D metal printing, super jet engines come Ng. God has blessed Elon with so much. Especially explores pace to let us see the Glory and beauty of God’s creation

  7. Musk is proof government administered programs increase cost and delays. Private enterprizes will always be more efficient and cheaper than government bloated bureaucracies.

  8. Why dont they have some scoop to take up dead seattlites in orbit disassemble them for materials to 3d print as a pre shipped materials almost like turning garbage island in to a mining resource and ability to make graphene in space 0 gravity stress on 3d printing is a whole new topic

  9. Mate … I admire Elon Musk and everything he stands for … but … really?
    Peter Beck from New Zealand with his Rocket Lab have been doing nothing but printing 3D Rockets starting about the same time as Elon Musk started his Rocket endeavours.
    Peter Beck is one funny … crazy … entrepreneur with no formal university education but just a crazy love of Rockets and 3D Printing of Rockets ever since his childhood.
    Peter Beck's Rocket Lab have been launching 3D Rockets with pay loads to the volume of Elon Musk's Rocket launches.
    Also Peter Beck kept saying for Years that there is NO NEED he is going to design renewable Rockets Components because his Rockets are extremely cheap (he targets and makes his millions from small commercial payloads). And he added that if he EVER decides to make renewable Rocket Components … he will eat his hat!
    Well, last year he decided to include renewable Rocket Components … so he made a video showing him eating his hat (he kept his word).
    Peter Beck's renewable components come back to Earth on parachutes with hooks.
    Helicopters hover in the air waiting for the Rocket Component then they swoop in and do a mid-air capture of the Rocket component and fly it off to where-ever Peter Beck wishes it to be carried.

  10. Bruh i was thinking about 3D printer that can create rockets or space aircraft way faster than humans 😳 and successfully last couple month

  11. Actually these 3D Printing clips from “Elon Musk” are actually clips from a space startup call Relativity Space. Elon has never tried 3D printing rockets for SpaceX yet. So please give real facts. And no, I won’t like nor subscribe 🙂 you can’t trust everyone people!

  12. Superb coverage of 3D printing at SpaceX. I was unaware they were so deep in 3D architecture. It's been at the back of my mind as to whether they were employing this fantastic technology. I believe that if Elon wants to build his thousand Starships, he will assuredly employ a great amount of 3D printing. Thank you so much for this coverage. I plan to view it a second time – at least.

  13. To supreme government USA,
    Dr.desouza Rajeev—
    Secret non visible spectrum printer,4D, transformer (biotoids) network builder andmanouers-–usa space Force Galaxy 2021a.d.onwards–

  14. The secret weapon is loaded. Yes Mr Musk youll love it. Inconel.
    To add to collection. 100 million dollars sounds fair what do you recon. In this vid bend knee was mentioned…im up out my chair on my feet. I did mention im still an entreprenure. Not sure if you watch this channel Mr Musk so i spoze i have to message you.
    100 million for it.. you know you want it.


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