Elephant Seen Helping Calf Cross Roadside Barrier In Heartwarming Video

A heart-warming moment of an elephant helping a calf trying to cross a roadside barrier as it softly nudges the baby elephant to ease the climb has been caught on camera by a group of cyclists from Kerala.

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Comment (637)

  1. it's heartbreaking not heat warming highways are built from the middle of forest making many animals hard to migrate many animals from snakes, monkeys, elephants, Tigers, leopards are died in accidents met with the high speeding vehicle's especially trucks its not at all cute.. government should build crossovers on highways for animals to cross and migrate

  2. in the normal situation that elephant would have met with accident by vehicles it's the pandemic that saved this elephant wake up people .. or else mother nature will attack us with more viruses like Corona !! its just the beginning humans have messed up nature now mother nature is reclaiming every bit of it!!!!!!!!

  3. This video really shows soft compassionate heart of a large animal 🐘
    But now, some sadistic people will exaggerate & "say animals have more humanity than humans" , 🤔🤔
    Ask those overacting weirdos, if given a chance ,
    👉🏼 Would they rather stay in a room with a 72hrs hungry man or a lion/wolf/hyena bcoz of their humanity ?

    👉🏼 Do humans also kill each other babies like animals for food everyday ?

    Naturally there are things in which humans are far better than animals & in some animals are better than humans .

    So, to expect animal level wilderness/behaviour in humans or human attributes in animals only makes u sound like a hater of ur own species & an overdramatic psycho maybe 🤐

  4. this video show incocency 😃and motherhood of our happiest animal how positive that they were but shame on our humanity we killed a mother with baby 😔 we are the deadliest creature in this world😔😔😔

  5. Animals are more human and kind than human beings who kill the helpless animals (including the one where a mother elephant was made to eat pineapple stuffed with firecrackers which killed the mother and the unborn baby elephant).

  6. Ma gli animalisti italiani e di tutto il mondo cosa fanno per liberare l elefante asiatico dalle catene e dai soprusi e torture svegliatevi dalla Italia elisa che schifo prendete esempio come sono trattati bene gli elefanti africani liberi in parchi e associazioni e santuari Dell elefante dove vivono liberi


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