Egypt tomb: Saqqara ‘one of a kind’ discovery revealed – BBC News

A 4,400-year-old tomb, thought to be the final resting place of a high priest, has been discovered in Egypt.

The tomb is filled with hieroglyphs and statues of pharaohs.

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  1. so why would they bury them in them so close to that great big eyesore sticking out of the desert sand if they can not decide on what they are just bulldozer the bloody things like they do everything else oh sorry no they make money of shit and people pay to see it lmao Egypt is a shit hole in the desert nothing more why do you think the Egyptians left it ?

  2. – *USUALLY the BBC is choc-a-bloc FULL OF SHITE… – This word 'racist' has been Over Used FAR Tooo Much,These days!! – In fact – for the last 40 YEARS!!….. 🙁 I'm a 'white person' & its insulting – its Meant to prevent us from standing up for our rights!! i.e. 'brainwashing' us!!… 🙁 – IS THAT FAIR?? – THE HELL IT IS!!… 🙁

  3. ? The ancient Egyptian "Abydos" tablet is good support for the Genesis account of creation*. The first man Adam, or 1rst Pharaoh..and the first woman Eve, 1rst wife. Matthew 4:4

  4. Everyone says the Egyptians were advanced, the first pyramid was the Pyramid of Giza, after that was made the quality of pyramids declined tenfold. What sort of society gets worse at building as time progresses 😅😂😂

  5. Hey bbc! You have got a couple of British kids saying here on YouTube that they are being sexually abused in a cult in London – So where the fuck are you? Where is your reporting on this?

  6. British was trying to steal the Treasures of Egypt. Always they build their country by stolen money from other countries. Egyptians be aware of British. Save your land

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  8. 4400 years old, probably even older, and yet look at the people all black. When will white people learn? Egypt is in Africa where black people originated, but then you have white people saying "but the DNA" smh, do white people even know that West Africans ancient people DNA and modern DNA of West African people, is closest relative by a lot is Asia? Then any continent in the whole world, Does that mean West Africans are Asians? No, smh. The first people who started Egyptians civilization were by evidences dark skin and dark brown. Egypt got more diverse because of migrations at that time Egypt was like America and because of colonialism by Persia empire 2500 years ago then by Greek 2300 years ago then by Romans etc.


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