Edge Of America

The inspiring true story of an African-American teacher who accepts a position to coach an all-girl basketball team on a Navajo reservation.

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  1. This is truly a great story starts out slow but then really gets into the spirit of the Indian culture in a white man's basketball game and then how the town and people be it small really surroundings Young ladies in their game of not only basketball but life and how is black coach brings them all together to face their conquests in life by working together as a team. Really good heartbreaking story do not know if this was based on a true story but it seems to be. It's amazing what the human Spirit can accomplish when you unite together the different cultures and bring it home. Amen 😇 Recommend YOU watch this FEEL good movie. The coach turns out to be a great guy he learns from these lady warriors. ⭐👍⭐😎🦜

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