Earthquake early warning system in B.C.

When the next quake hits — will we get a warning? To read more:

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  2. This is so WRONG and not to say the alarm system it should alert WITH A HIGH SOUNDSYSTEM AND A WARNING and you guys have 1 min to get out if there AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND IN ORDER in a BUILDING more than 7 floors the highest floor has to go to the roof and never EVER hide under a desk . Investigate the triangle of life. Please.

    Love from Mexico City

  3. OK at 2019 where are we in progressing with the millions of dollars project?? No info regarding the Salmon Arm 2.2 so is the threshold higher than that or what? And what happened to our radiation monitoring system, the last reading I saw from the Fukushima Diachi was high. These sensors were off the coast in our waters.. Aviation weather reporting has deteriorated since we pulled the weather monitoring ships for VFR pilots and it seems that there are not many encouraging signs that the Gov't is promoting private airspace use, but do support commercial activities. (VFR support for mountain reporting cancelled and a few remote sensors put in, which glitch from time to time) So this Earthquake Monitoring System for millions $ may have suffered the same budgetary fate??
    I hope not because the U. Vic had an awesome Geophysical Monitoring system set up, even in the early days when Mica reservoir was being filled, There was a team from U. Vic that helped set up the seismometers and comm equipment. They used thermal pens on paper charts to get the info. Today most likely a memory chip as well as real – time radio or satcomm. Sorry for the tirade..but I really would ike to see the links for warnings clearly depicted and easy to install on smart devices If not, then at least an internet warning that would be locally repeated in different communities. And would trigger the cell sites etc to go into safe modes. (do a battery back – up test etc.). Same with emergency operations etc. The military does tests all the time, they get it. Do we?

  4. This  Vedic 
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  5. Because California people are sue crazy. Early Warning System don't always work. They have a effectiveness success drop off point. The further away you are, the better the system works. The closer you are, the less time between P and S waves. Both waves can arrive simultaneously – no warning (for those very close to epicenter)

  6. Everymountain (continent) and islandwill be moved out of their places before the Sixth Seal appearance of the Lord.  The mountains and islands will be adrift. 
    This is the final event of the Fourth Seal.

  7. September 12, 2020, an 8.4 will strike Southern California on the San Andreas Fault in Western North America, triggering a 9.0 in Cascadia

  8. One day we had a tornado watch, which I was confused (this is close to Sept or Oct) cause it wasn't even raining it was frickin SUNNY out. Good thing it was said, too. Turned into a T-warning. (It wasn't for us, it was close, not too close, but close enough to start "hyperventilating")

  9. That's 2 to 3 minutes to get out of non retrofitted building like brick masonairey etc that will save many many lives by itself. Great job science the 2011 gave approx 2 minutes warning before the S waves hit NHK building issuing the Mercalli index and tsunami warnings and heights as they evolved. Now its up to where we build and how we build from here on out why well subduction zone faults don't stop occurring as much as we would like to forget 1960.1964, 2004, 2011. Tsunami evac structures need to be built for some areas this should have been already done until a more solid solution like relocating the towns inland. people would have to learn how to live short and long term on their own in case of a worst case scenario with that fault that being south to north full rupture avg at 9.0 it doesn't mean it could be 9.2 and possibly 9.3 according to the core samples. Japan 200 years stored energy momentum magnitude 9.1 official USGS /NHK. Cascadia is badly deformed and locked for 320 years of stored energy to place that into perspective.

  10. I don’t like how the tone in this video suggests that the disaster in Japan was caused by a lack of a good warning system. There are already well-engineered systems, I don’t know why you have to spin it as a “new revolutionary invention”. However because of the location of tectonic plates near Japan, even the best systems allow for a few seconds of reaction time.

  11. I remember a few months ago, there was an earthquake where i live. I was asleep so i didn’t feel it. It wasn’t serious, but i live no where near a fault line (i live in El Paso) and it was very rare too.

  12. Is the protocol for earthquakes different everywhere? I was just curious about why the kids went under the table, I mean, here in México we hace this like plan that if you can't get out, you should take over BUT never under things, always beside them or in small places so the strenght and weight of the things when they fall should fall in the object instead of the person

  13. I'm saying this now, there was an after shock at my high school and nobody got under their desk. This was after a large earthquake l so everyone was still on edge. I know, my class was dumb haha.

  14. Life threatening earthquake occurs that requires strict emergency procedures in seconds time to survive

    Teacher puts the cap on his marker first

  15. у нас в якутске было землетрясение магнитудой в 7 баллов но предупреждения вообще не было

  16. May I use some of this video (just a few seconds) to add to my video as a visual illustration entitled "Why Japan Often Occurs Earthquakes", I will include the source of this video in the video and the video description on credit.

    My warm regards,
    Isa ansari 07

    Bolehkah Saya menggunakan sebagian dari video ini (hanya beberapa detik) untuk dimasukan kedalam video saya sebagai ilustrasi visual dengan judul "MENGAPA JEPANG SERING TERJADI GEMPA BUMI", saya akan mencantumkan sumber video ini didalam video dan deskripsi videonya sebagai kredit.

    Salam hangat,
    Isa Ansari 07

  17. We should have air raid type alert system included so there is no doubt in everyone's/public's mind, danger is coming via quake, tornado, tsunamis, forest fire, etc. We are not adequately prepared for any of these.

  18. You know in Chile in Japan these systems were in place a long time ago what a shame Canada is it is so far behind and I don't think most of these buildings in Vancouver will withstand earthquake Canadians need to be proactive and learn from other countries because when it happens this city will be destroyed and it could have been prevented


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