Ear Infections & Ear Tubes

To learn more, visit: https://www.childrenscolorado.org/conditions-and-advice/conditions-and-symptoms/conditions/ear-infections/

Otitis media, or middle-ear infections, are very common in children. Sometimes, middle-ear infections can cause a lot of pressure to build. In these cases, ear tubes may be recommended. Learn more about ear tube insertion from this educational video, including what to expect and recovery.

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  1. ok the reason why I’m here is bc I was showering n water got in my ear um and now I can’t hear 😭 idk what to do itz 1am I took a shower at 6 and nothing’s happened still I tried everything 😢

  2. The Ear Tubes can also be called "Grommets"

    I also had to get a T-Grommet, which stays in much longer. At least up to 2 decades. I still have infections even with the grommets and they still really hurt. One time, the tubes failed and my right eardrum burst, making my ear bleed for 2 days. It was infected for longer than a month, and after that, the eardrum finally grew back

  3. I had tubes when I was little and they left holes inside of my ears Bc it never healed and then first I had to have patches to try and close the holes but when that didn’t work after 3 times I had to get a double eardrum reconstruction and lost about 30% of my hearing

  4. I remember once I was in class in primary school (maybe year 3 or so) I had an ear tube fall out and I was so confused because I know it came out of my ear

  5. I've had fluid in my right ear for over 20 years now. It feels packed. My doctors have been useless. I gave up hoping for a fix over ten years ago. I may return and ask for this operation. I'm 39 and the best years of my life have been plagued with illness because of disfunctioning eustacian tubes

  6. I got tubes as a kid and yes they did stop me from getting ear infections but when I got my right tube taken out the Doctor Who did it didn't do it right and infected my right ear really bad so I have scars on the inside of my right ear and have issues with hearing out of my ear sometimes. And I can't even go underwater without having to put something over my ears so they don't hurt.

  7. Man this brought back memories from when I was a child. I was constantly having ear infection and couldn't sleep at night. I remember having this surgery and every sound afterwards in the world was so much louder. After a while that thing fell out during school time.

  8. i had repetitive ear infections for the first 3 years of my life causing me to be almost completely deaf. Then i got ear tubes leaving me with a severe speech impediment

  9. Why you guys so scared to get this surgery…stop panicking and do it that’s what I did and I’m ignoring the ear so I won’t feel anything and I feel normal everything is fine and I got it today and if feels good

  10. I had 13 sets of tubes in each ear….I was premee….I'd get bad ear infections a lot! I'm having a bad ear infection now! At least my ear drum mimbraine wasn't punchedred

  11. My toddler keeps getting ear infections and I'm just scared that even with this procedure done she will still get ear infections. I just want her to feel better! My poor baby girl.


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