Duterte offers P5M bounty for suspected leader of car theft syndicate

Duterte: 2 million pesos pag nahuli nyo nang buhay si Ryan Yu. Pag napatay ninyo, doble, 4 million pesos. Pag nadala nyo ang ulo ni Ryan Yu dito sa akin na may dry ice, para hindi mabaho, magdaragdag ako ng isang milyong piso. I don’t need you to bring the body, just bring me the head of Ryan Yu, tapos tayo.

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  1. 5 million for a car thief? What about a murderer Mayor of Dinagat Islands, Ruben Ecleo? A measly half a million.

    This guy was angry that his son was implicated in the car thefts, he should put that 5 million reward for better use instead of medieval bounty hunting stating that he wants Ryan Yu's chopped off head.

  2. Now that's how we do it in davao, Unlike in Manila or other parts in the country who has lots of crimes and make their mayors fat with corruption. Eat my ass commission of rights crap

  3. Kudos Mr. Duterte….I wish there were more leaders like you.. We need more leaders with balls! Unlike with what we have today. Most of them are for show. I am from manila but I Lived in Davao for 3 years and believe me, that it is one of the safest areas in the Philippines.

    Takot lang ng mga drug pusher at masasamang loob na ma DDS sila.

  4. yup! i agree with you. if only we had Mr. Duterte as president maybe we can have change. tiga manila ako brod pero tumira ako panabo for 3 years. ganda at safe sa inyo.

  5. haha no matter what you do Duterte will never Run for President.

    Alam nyo sobrang laki talaga ng respeto ko sa Pamilya Duterte.. akalain mo Si Mayor Sara kahit sobrang Busy niya siya parin ang sumusundo sa anak niya. out of topic pero sa ganyang gawain makita mo talaga anong klaseng tao sila… kya d ko talaga ipagpapalit ang Davao.. kahit pa bigyan ako ng Mansion sa Manila or sa ibang Bansa

  6. DUTERTE should be the next president….. and we will have zero crime.investors will come back ….tourism will improve by leaps and bounds ( our country is so beautiful but tourists are afraid because of criminals and bad elements)….our GNP/GDP will be higher than China or India…

  7. this dude is fucking crazy. but i gotta say, i like his style… the only thing more badass than
    than announcing a manhunt and putting a bounty on someone's head is actually winning
    that bounty!!! this dude is legit!!! crazy, but legit!!!

  8. I am so proud to be a Dabawenyo! This guy has contributed a lot of things to our city. Because of him, we are not worried to walk the streets at 2am or whatever. DIGONG IS THE BEST!!!

  9. mabuhay ka sir duterte. we need a man like him in order for our country to improve imagine a president like Mr. Duterte every filipino will fill safe from criminals. hope he will run for a higher position. mabuhay po kayo sir

  10. Uu naman. Dito sa Davao safe talga than any place in Mindanao, I'm not saying that other parts of mindanao are unsafe, it's just more secure here in Davao. You can't just litter anywhere and smoke too..

  11. ana dyod? vmayor.ulo og utin niya dal-on,. para hadlok mga tao diha? dili parehas sa ibang lugar. tunuli og kwrta ayaw pyait..mao dghan ang mga holdaper..pasakip lang na sa kulungan ba? maopanay pakan-on sa governo.putol liog ba nga nag diwalwal ang dila..

  12. He maybe done good in his CIty. Sana naman ay hindi din sya involve nitong napakalaking PORK BARREL SCAM. Bakit susuporta sya sa MNLF bakamo na mag_declare ng indepence or MILF ba yon? Kasi kung meron din dyang katiwali-an, it maybe worst than what you can never imagine of…Anyways, ongoing na po investigation sa lahat. GET READY DAVAO. Sana ang pinagyayabang nyong MAyor ay napakalinis na tao.


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