DREAM CAR! I Imported a 500hp Mercedes AMG Wagon… FROM JAPAN!

2005 Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon review by The Straight Pipes. The 2005 Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon is putting down 469 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque from a Supercharged 5.4L V8. At $25,000 CAD, would you take it over Yuri’s 2021 Mazda CX-5 or a 2022 Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon?

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  1. I got one 5 years ago with a pulley, tune, and exhaust. My job has since radically improved and I could afford a new E63S. I refuse. My 2005 E55 wagon is so good, so gorgeous, and so fun I can't let it go. Not as fast as many new true hot rods but fast enough that I cackle like a maniac 90% of the time I drive it. Best 0-60 so far is a 3.9s using my dragy.

  2. For quicker downshifts you wanna perform what Mercedes calls a kickdown method. Don’t just press the gas to the floor even you could. Blip the throttle with a good tap then pedal to the floor.

  3. IMHO that grille has to go….get the OEM grill and hood star and you'll be properly sorted. Congrats on a SICK car…the AMG Wagons truly are the unicorns in the AMG lineup.

  4. Japanese cars have window rain visors to vent the car while raining. comonly used by people who smoke and dont want to stink and get wet when raining. they help create negative pressure in the cabin to suck odors and smoke outside.

  5. I had a 2007 Iridium silver E500 wagon that I really liked (I even had purchased OEM E55 staggered wheels)…. A really attractive car. Love yours!
    In the day, you could purchase adjustable airmatic adjustment links that are used to “fool” the system. Check inside your wheel wells and you will see the links… they are about 3” long. If adjustable then that’s how they have lowered it. I now have a 2018 E63s Wagon…. Love it too.
    Enjoy your car! BTW.. that car likes high flow air filters. I added chrome rings around the head lights and it finishes the nose off nicely. Also, chrome mirror covers can look nice (eBay versions)… lastly the door inserts take care of all the scratches that show up behind the handles over time…

  6. im sorry to be the one to say it but station wagons are ugly… they scream "national lampoon's 80's loser dad" type vibes… jesus.. i mean if u wanna get one, sure…AMG is as good as it gets i guess… but its still a wagon. It's like bragging that you're a home owner…cept the home is in Detroit. lol the coolest thing here is the Japanese related features/disney bag etc

  7. so cool boys. I could be wrong, but I believe Mrs. Schumacher drove one back in the day. If F1 champion who drove Ferrari approved it to be his family vehicle, I think it's too cool for school. 😉

  8. OMG, another ding dong who thinks a wagon with a bunch of power is “cool”. Yeah…. Me too! We need more of these in NA so the ones we get aren’t crazy priced like the Audi..my current dream car.

  9. The most disappointing experience in my life was an E55. After my first big boy job I could barely afford a used high milage e55. My gran turismo dreams come true! I put every penny I made into that car between payments, insurance and parts but it wasn’t enough. She blew up and I couldn’t afford to put her back together. Only got 4 months and 15,000 miles out of that car. It was an amazing experience but wow that car was a money pit. It’s been a few years but it still makes me sad. I drive a gmt 800 and a roadmaster wagon now. GM full size stuff is superior build quality wise. Got 500,000 miles between the two and they both have excellent compression and oil pressure.

  10. I remember an old Eurotuner where a guy got an old v12 S-class….with a couple specialized child seats(3 in the back seat)…renntech parts..pretty powerfull. He mentioned upkeep costs…like 48 sparkpluggs etc.

  11. Congrats Jakub! Was super excited to see you post this today and such a crazy coincidence – I just registered my own dream 2004 E55 wagon this morning after 5 long weeks of waiting. Be sure to check out FCP Euro for parts, I've already used them for a bunch of stuff and they offer lifetime replacement on everything, even filters and brakes (not a plug lol). Also, be sure to research the leaking fuel sender issue and keep your nose out for any gasoline smell inside the car. Also check out the SBC issue and note that mercedes now warrants the unit for 25 years so free replacement when it's time. Hope you enjoy the car! Been watching you guys for years and you inspired me to take a stab at my own channel, thanks for all the great content!

  12. Great choice! It is cheap to buy but maintenance costs could pile up quickly with older exotic cars like this. I know because I recently bought 2011 A8 4.2 (also my dream car) and whatever breaks it will cost you hefty lump of monieeeeees. Overall congratulations and please get rid of those side windows covers things – it looks UGLY. Happy AMGiiing!

  13. I've owned 2 E55's. I love the motor and tranny. You guys once voted on your show on my 2013 E63 grey one with black wheels. In the end I went back to a E55 again. The car is just very well made and it has tons of character. The 05 and 06 E55's are a tad different and there are several differences very small but due to tcu's and factory tuning they are not easy to do a burnout with unlike the 03 and 04's. Either way just a classic design. Congrats on your wagon its beautiful. 👍

  14. Put the OEM grill back on, looks way better! Congratulations on the new car, I’ve loved the W211 chassis ever since my family had one in 2005. Hands down the best car ever made. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  15. The W211 E Class is one of my favorite Benzes. Great styling which has aged beautifully, great amount of space, solid build quality (open and shut the doors and you'll hear the nice solid thunk) and of course the AMGs variants and wagons are brilliant both in function and rarity.

  16. I'm buying one now with my two kiddos in the back my wife won't know is almost 500hp first mods tune muffler delete intake throttle body tint all the way around rain guards new suspension light wheels

  17. So happy you guys have gotten to be able to do dream cars and fun builds that you're really gonna get to enjoy. With that said I'd keep the grill it came with, but that could be because i work somewhere that hood emblem would get stolen 😅

  18. You guys forgot one of the cool features of the center console; the multi CD loader. Push the silver button underneath the hazard button. 
    Growing up my mom had a 2004 E-class. It was one of my favorite features along with that cup holder.


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