Drayton Manor Magical Christmas Vlog November 2021

Join us as we get into the festive spirit with a visit to Drayton Manor for their Magical Christmas event! In this video we share highlights from everything this fantastic family event has to offer. This includes footage of the ride selection, entertainment and a visit to meet Father Christmas! Along with that we take a look at the winter maintenance happening throughout the park, including the removal of Pandemonium. We also check out the early stages of construction taking place on the area next to The Buffalo Roller Coaster!

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  1. I all ways do the Drayton magical Christmas each year ( except for 2020) and every time I go I always have a blast with doughnuts and sausage rolls
    And seeing this now makes me want to go now
    And I’ve only seen 5 minutes of it

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  3. Guys its so good to see how theme parks accept youtubers going to there park and making good relatio ships with youtubers and putting u guys even in there tik tok keep up the good content

  4. Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Drayton Manor but as a Thomas fan I have to say, I’m glad to see that they went to the effort of redesigning Rosie to make her look like how she looks now

  5. Great video as always. Excited to see such big redevelopments taking place. If there is a major ride coming though wouldn't some news have been leaked by now through planning applications?

  6. Oh no they can’t get rid of apocalypse!! It’s the same age as me 😳 I don’t even like the ride or never been on it but I know it’s the main ride in Drayton manor…maybe they will update the entrance to it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Patagonian mara as in patigonia the region between Chile and Argentina (pata-go-nian). The keepers must say "hello parrot" when they enter the enclosure and the parrot replies the same when they leave. Which is probably why it says "hello parrot" when you leave. 👍👍 Fantastic vlog, love the gauge 1 model railway

  8. I was at Great Adventure for a few minuets yesterday because I got a season pass back in August (I was planning on going to Fright Fest, didn't happen). It was very windy, but Sky Screamer was only down for technical issues surprisingly. Thing is now I have a pass I won't use for six months since I'll be in Spain. I at least got a ride in Jersey Devil (row 5 walk on) this year.

  9. Oh my days Charlotte !! Your little dance just made mine and my boyfriends day !!! We watched it 4 times 😅 think I’m gonna steal that move and do it next time I’m out on the town 🤩🤩 love u guys

  10. So cold. Yeah,I got the feeling for England it was a day like January as well. Where I am we had a preview of what an average day in January feels like… Only with more precipitation: relatively January is dry here – it's November & December on this side of the sun which are the most… Moist. It's one of these days the temperature will stay around 3 C until tommorow morning: then it will rise to 6 C. That's the coast of the Netherlands for you…

  11. well done at the Drayton Manor for their Magical Christmas event! both of you, and very god videoing as well and very good dancing and sing Charlotte , and Shawn, big thumbs up to both of you .


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