Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home Ft. Majid Jordan (Cover) JeffreyFever Ft. Tony Tran

My 1st time recording a song in a home studio. Enjoy!
Tony’s version: http://goo.gl/sKAuY3

Hiiiiiiiiii! We should connect!
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If you’ve reached this part, I dare you to comment.

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  1. Hi Jeffery! My name is Kayla. I love your channel your so funny and you have a great voice!!! You should have a meet up in Washington state, Seattle. I really want to meet you

  2. I know you probably receive lots of comments, but I just wanted to say, you made my day with your smile and silliness, that and being single as a Pringle can still be cool.
    Have fun and enjoy life you are now. 🙂

  3. Excuse my language but holy shit you are amazing!!! I started watching your videos yesterday and I didn't know you had an amazing voice!!!. Man you have looks, you have everything that a girl wants in guy and you have a voice that I am sure knocks the ladies off their feet. I wish I could meet you and like a lot of girls I wish you were mine and if you ever date some body I hope she knows how lucky she is to have you because you are a rare find Jeffrey.
    Love; Jenny

  4. How about we get married and we run around in fields full of daisies and you sing to me while we stare up at the stars. That sounds good to me.

  5. You're a pretty Talented guy
    You Dance well
    You Sing well
    You play the Guitar
    You're funny
    But mostly you put a smile on my face 2day, and I didn't even have to fake it like usual do. Alors Merci


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