Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 “Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)” Character Trailer

Get ready to defend Universe 7 by becoming the ultimate Saiyan form with Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-).

New DLC Coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 this Summer!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Available Now:

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  1. You know, I just realized… there is very little stopping them from giving us ALL the hero vote characters.
    I mean, if GT Vegeta and Tracksuit 18 were made mentor outfits, then there are only three new characters they would need to make, which isn't that far out there for them…

  2. I think they’re adding this simply because it’s the most cost effective to code and build, not really because we voted for it. At least the silver lining to all this milking is we’ll be able to use his skills on our CaC’s.

  3. Bro another goku are yall kidding me bruuh I understand some of yall want the transformation but ultra instinct sign come ooon legendary supersayian transformation would be waaay better disappointed 😞 with this old ass game. where is xenoverse 3 ?

  4. So will he have divine kamehameha too just like master ui or no. I think that’ll be a little weird if he doesn’t since he did the that move in this state.

  5. Can you guys let us have ui sign as a awoken and also what month is the dlc being released because bandai release dlc in summer which means between may to the half or end of August

  6. Ok, Goku , Vegeta gt and C18 super, i thinks that will very great if they are news combos and news mechanism . But I'm not sure for Bergamo and Dyspo.
    Also I would like to have a new C17 super, because the current C17 are very trash 🚮

  7. People who want to see new characters for this game don’t bother to vote this community would rather get another goku or vegeta then a completely new character and some of their reasoning is that we might get ui transformation which doesn’t make sense but ok community have another goku y’all full yet or y’all want another vegeta too

  8. To everyone getting mad about this
    1. I agree, new character wouldve been nice(even though I voted for goku)
    2. Dont blame people who voted for him, many people like Sign more then MUI look wise
    3.Again dont blame the people blame araki- I mean blame the devs for adding MUI before Sign

  9. Bandai new logo sucks
    also they could at least use some moves from the anime. when he throws dispo and Toppo as an ultimate move. teleporting behind the player and spamming kamehameha. I know this a move for SSG but sign using finger gun or the ki mines, 6 keinzan.
    super kamehameha from Fighters Z…. or some new animations.
    creativity in Bandai/dimps devs is dying super fast. Is always cut cost and recycle.

  10. Remember back in the the tenkaichi days when it was only 3 or 4 gokus and you could Transform mid battle to any form… That was way more entertaining they should bring that back.

  11. "In the past, time patrollers voted for a character"….. BRUV THAT WAS WELL OVER A YEAR AGO, I didn't even think they were gonna release it in the end……. So as compensation for this completely free thing…. I want all the characters!! GIMME GIMME!!! :3


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