Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 REVIEW | BRING THE GO-HUNDER!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Review: Gohan, Be Ruthless! The Showdown with Universe 10!! After Android 17 and Ribrianne go to toe, it’s up to Gohan and Piccolo to face off against what’s left of Universe 10. How will our team do? Let’s find out in today’s review!


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  1. Cus's reaction to her universe being destroyed has made me rethink this whole "the angels are evil" theory. I actually think the reason why Mojito was smiling now was simple that he hated his universe

  2. If goku fought onuni then he would've beat him easily because remember goku learnt a technique that allows him to see through illusions

  3. You know, the real reason Universe 10 is so weak is because not even Shin would've fallen for Zamasu's betrayal. Let's face it, Gowasu is WAY worse at his job than Shin.

  4. Do you know why goku quote danger feels phoned in because he isn't in danger and he keeps dropping his guard because he doesn't need to have it up have you guys noticed after every fight he has been in so far even vs kale he hasn't had a single scratch yet I mean in his base form unpreped he lifted a dude who broke through katchi katchin which is stronger than regular katchin also took a hakai in base form and didn't evaporate into nothing in just saying it doesn't feel like he is in danger cause he's not he doesn't transform cause he doesn't need it people thinks he's getting pushed back like beerus and my main man cue ball but they don't know how strong he actually is not even they noticed he doesn't have a scratch hell his clothes haven't even tore

  5. I feel like the first universe that was eliminated were treated badly in the exit because, well… they were a jobberverse. I think the more we see eliminations, the worse things are going to get for the survivors.

  6. Hey Masako, do you think that the tournament will cause some of the angels to revolt? The reason I ask this is because some of the attendants seem quite attached to their universes and Gods of Destruction. Also do you think that one of the Universe 6 namekians will be a play on lord slug like how kale was a play on Broly?

  7. Obuni was a truly honorable fighter, i feel really bad for him, i also feel bad for the angel, she legit felt bad for her universe, unlike a certain someone else…

  8. Hiya masako, I actually have one question for ya. During the kid buu fight when vegeta started his turn. Goku mentioned something about if he dies again he wont exist and now with the current arc universes are being erased in this said fashion. Do you think toriyama will simply keep this as a fact and forget all of these fighters just so goku can get a new form out of this? It seems like a really bad payoff if this is true.

  9. I think Cus reacted more to Rumsshi's disappearance than Gowasu's simply because the Angels generally seem to work closer with the Gods of Destruction than the Kais. She probably just knows Rumsshi better than Gowasu, honestly.

  10. there's a spanish anime news page talking about a new goku transformation that got confirmed in the teaser for next episode… were they really calling ssg a new transformation? XD

  11. For me this looks like Goku is treating every fight like a training. Why would you escape the trap and one shot the enemy when you can jump around, get hit and have fun?

  12. This goes to show us that Gohan still has the purest heart of all his friends. You could definitely see he grieved a bit for them before moving on.

    Also the timer only matters if more than one universe is left in the ring. They might be stalling time show wise to give themselves some leg room with the end results without making it too rushed. Plus they may speed up time later on, or blue ball us and have the tournament interrupted for some bigger threat.

  13. I don't think you realize what Goku is doing, Masako. Goku is not powering up and he's purposely taking damage because he wouldn't get stronger if he wipes out his opponents in an instant with his higher forms. He knows he is pretty much in complete control of these weaker battles so he is learning from them and getting stronger from them all while conserving his energy/ki in order to be able to fight against the true threats like the bug eyed power ranger. The others likely recognize that is what he is doing as well, but are essentially trying to tell him not to be so over confident because that's likely what he's going to do at some point.

    Think of it like an RPG. Many RPGs have a mechanic where if you're stronger than an opponent you get less EXP, but if you fight against an equal opponent you get more. He's fighting in a powered down state to get more exp and grind before the boss fights.

  14. I have a few questions that I can't seem to figure out I'm going to be buried in comments but I'm asking anyways
    1. What is the purpose of the no killing rule if these fighters are getting erased anyways?
    2. Why are the angels not becoming inert when their gods of destruction are erased that was established in a prior episode?
    3. i have noticed that the act of erasing has a similar appearance to teleportation (such as the instant transmission) what are your thoughts on that?

    Things aren't adding up and it seems to me that this is all a trick by the zenos and the angels to get the most entertainment.

  15. The shot of sad Cus kind of undermines my previously held belief that the whole thing is a test, no one really gets erased, and that the attendants are all in on it.

    It also turned her into a woobie.

  16. Sorry, but thanks to DBS's dumbass transformation denial, I've never felt like any of the Z Fighters was in any danger. Not once. Not Krillin, not 17, not 18 and certainly not any of the Saiyans. They've all got extra in the tank that they should be using but don't due to "drama". Or as I like to call it "shoddy writing". One SSJ Blue or Ultimate Kamahameha would get rid of all the chaff and leave only those worthy to face the Z Fighters, but instead we get this endless padding. 30 episodes of padding by the looks of it.

    This episode was better than the last one, but this arc is still *bad*. Just overly-recycled animation, flailing attacks, bad beam spam, forced "emotion" and no peril. If it had been Gohan who'd actually been knocked out? If it had been the Universe 10 guy who found his locket? If Piccolo then struck down his foster son's attacker in a rage thanks to Goku not being there for him? THAT would have hit home. But no, we got this "Gohan is growing up (10 years too late) because of Ultimate form" nonsense. Awww, diddums, did Daddy's murder of several universes finally hit home? Awww well, sucks to be everyone else in this arc! Now we get Goku somehow pulling God mode out of his ass, and working with another Universe that'll likely be destroyed by his own hands immediately thereafter.

    Holy smokes, I want this storyline over and done with already. In this arc, I was hoping for some decent characters and worthwhile enemies. And these are mostly enemies that have so much potential! However, they're getting done in so quickly none of them are even registering. I can remember universe 6's roster (because it's mostly recycled) and Toppo and Jiren and… umm… Crap, I genuinely can't even name that dude that Gohan just murdered, and I literally watched that episode just before watching MasakoX's reaction. Wow, and it was so memorable and tear-jerking to watch him and everyone in his universe die, too. Again. We've only got a few more of those to go, you guys! And Gohan stealing a move that Bleach's Kenpachi did better? Holy crap, that's a low bar that Toei missed.

    Maybe we can get some decent writers in for the next arc since this one's has gotten stale. Hopefully the Grand Priest puts whatever plan he's got into action sooner rather than later and we don't have to sit through much more of this.

  17. I just realized: universe 2's Yardrat has the exact same clothing as universe 7's from, canonically, over 10 years ago. Even Cabba's armor, while similar, is still noticeably different from 7's saiyan armor.

  18. Masako! I think you should start playing some dokkan battle, but don't spend money! Play a bit on your own and see how you like it! In my opinion spending money on it isn't worth it, and I haven't spent anything but I love the game play and love collecting characters, and with new characters coming out quite frequently there are always new possibilities for your teams! Anyway love ya videos Masako, keep it up!

  19. The fight between 17 and Ribrianne was good? Uhh..? It was just repeated animation of them kicking and punching, what exactly was noteworthy about that fight?

  20. Before I could watch this episode, I was just casually browsing YouTube and saw amongst the recommended videos a short 1 minute video titled "Universe 10 gets erased in an emotional moment!!" Gee thanks for the spoiler, dipshit.

  21. Hey Great Videos Masako, I always love your reviews! Hey I don't know how else to suggest this, but I've been wondering what if Goku had lived a peaceful life on Earth? I'm saying after Dragonball, if there were no Saiyans, no Gero, no Buu and no Beerus. What if Goku just lived a normal life and how strong would he and Gohan have become?

    I hope you have time to answer this question in a video! Thanks again!

  22. Question – They said if the God of Destruction is no more, then the Angel tied to that God of Destruction ceases to exist until the next God of Destruction comes around. Why is it that the Angels survive when Zeno is erasing these universes?

  23. I just realised that they knocked krillen out to show us they're willing to kill someone off at any point. anyone could lose. there only needs to be one.

  24. If I were goku I would do what he is doing, because it's fun to see what the enemy has in store, kinda like how vegeta let himself be a prison bitch in early dbz

  25. Off Topic, You know when I do think about it… Masako during the Andriod 18 vs. Captain Marvel Death Battle I pretty much find it suspicious where a big chunk of the community was calling out the energy Absorption being used by 18 thing, including Detective Q and Geekdom… that you and the rest of Team4star were dead silent.

    Makes you raise a brow, just saying.

  26. Gowasu in the realm of nonexistence: At least I'm with Zamasu now.
    Obuni: Is that multi-faced abomination in the sky trying to futilely kill everyone?
    Gowasu: I blame myself.
    Rumishi: My Zen'o….the Babarians have developed pinnacle development and have befriended the pink, muscular man who's there for some reason (Super Buu)…..Why's the red head in the green suit there?
    Android 16: Everyone forgot about me….

  27. Ok I posted this already. I dont believe anyone noticed the Piccolo and Lord Slug on the universe six zeno page. At least I haven't heard it spoken about. Just wanted to get your take on it. BTW you're, in my opinion, the best Dragonball guy on the internet. GO TEAM FOUR STAR

  28. Can't wait for the day when Botamo fights a guy without ring out rules and we all realize he's the most powerful character in Dragonball.

    Alongside Dr. Rota, of course.

  29. Universe 9 may have been the first eliminated but that is just because they all attacked at the same time and they have the Trio of Danger leading them. Universe 10 was the first to lose a warrior and the rest were all turned into punching bags they were the weakest team.


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