Based on the book of the same title, I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW is the most personal program of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s career. Seated in a comfortable living room setting, Dr. Dyer offers an intimate and revealing conversation about events in his own life — from his childhood in Detroit to the present day. He vividly relates in unflinching detail his impressions of encountering forks in the road and takes viewers with him through these formative experiences. Dr. Dyer then reveals what he has learned from his own experiences: there are no accidents, and all the choices we make and actions we take weave a life tapestry uniquely our own.

Airing March 2014 on most PBS stations (check your local listings at pbs.org/tvschedules)

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  1. It's amazing, the elephant in the room is God. PBS has so many good programs. Would they put a Christian on their network? Anyone can philosophize to sell a book. Doesn't anyone see what he doesn't seem to recognize?

  2. He writes feel good books that make you feel good about yourself, but that's about it for me. If you want to attain skills for whatever you want to do with your life, then I would suggest reading other books

  3. Wayne is such a beautiful man. He understands how we can maximise our potential as human beings. Living life from love dissolves all of the negative thought patterns that can act as barriers to our happiness. Letting go of thought patterns to do with fear, anger, jealousy, blame, guilt, tension, stress, sorrow, irritation, frustration, criticism, resentment and allowing happiness to flow more freely in our lives. Wayne shows us how to do this, he is a living saint, an inspirational genius, living without ego, sharing peace, love and harmony with us all. Thank you Wayne, and thank you for reading this. I love you xxx

  4. Wayne was taken way, way down by depression. He experienced the feeling of not being able to drag yourself from your bed for weeks at a time. He was not able to just say some positive affirmation and then suddenly become happy. He had thoughts of suicide. This is the other end of the spectrum which Wayne has spent most of his life avoiding. You can tell that he is not as happy as he used to be. Now I believe he repeats what he always has. He makes his money and he dredges on. His divorce and his disease took more out of him than he likes to admit. He offers words of wisdom, but not everyone can pull themselves up from depression simply by changing their thoughts.

  5. Wayne Dyer's wife (Marcelene) cheated on him and left him w/ another another dirty old man, which he reveals near the end of the book. What a scandalous broad!

  6. I never understand anything he says as a follower of Jesus. I have been reading the bible carefully for about 8 years now, and everything he ever says never lines up with what scripture says. It appears that he died of Cancer and that is unfortunate — but I just watched a video where he said he was healed? Everything he said is a lie and it was just proven yesterday. People open your eyes this man teaches the Doctrine of Demons. He would tell people that the power to heal themselves was within themselves and to just keep saying you are Perfect Health. He Died. Why would anybody follow his teachings? That was the lynch-pin of Jesus' ministry — that it all hinged on whether or not he was telling the truth based on what would happen when he died. And because he did in fact rise from the dead and was seen by over 500 people, Christianity exploded all over the world, the flame did not flicker out. They seen the resurrected Lord and things were never the same. Dyers flame has been snuffed out and his teachings have died with him I am afraid.

  7. Have enjoyed some of Wayne's books and his talks on PBS. He is human, just like the rest of us, with ups and downs, valleys and triumphs, but certainly shared many life-changing insights that made you think. He will be missed. I saw a post from his daughter on FB yesterday, saying that he was healed of leukemia, but died of a heart-related issue. I'm sure he'll enjoy more adventures on "the other side". Rest in peace, Wayne.

  8. I can't believe all the mean and shallow things that some people below have said about Wayne Dyer. Even if I don't agree with absolutely everything you said, I thank you for making the world a better place. I agree with the person who said, Rest in Peace.


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