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Over the years I’ve done a few theories on Metal Gear Solid, but my research has never involved real army vehicles, real guns, and REAL BOXES! For this episode I brought in a few friends to learn about Metal Gear Solid and real stealth tactics from a veteran and 12-year U.S. Navy Seal…who basically thinks we’re a bunch of gamer pansies. In our challenge we’ll find out just how stealthy we really are at trying to sneak into an actual military supply base in the middle of the night…I’ll give you a hint: not very stealthy.

The 360 video to go along with this episode is a real-world reenactment of a Solid Snake stealth mission and it’s AWESOME. Check it out over here ►[link]

A HUGE thanks to Odom from the Warpzone, Austin the PeanutButter Gamer, and Katie Wilson for stealthing through this episode with me! I’d hide in a cardboard box with you guys any day of the week.

Last but definitely not least, a huge wave of gratitude to our expert Jeramiah Dinnell and everyone who works with him in the military and armed forces. We were so honored to learn from you for this episode and gain an even stronger appreciation for the life-saving work you do every day.

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