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The world spends an astounding US$423 billion annually to subsidize fossil fuels for consumers – oil, electricity that is generated by the burning of other fossil fuels, gas, and coal. This is four times the amount being called for to help poor countries tackle the climate crisis, one of the sticking points ahead of the COP26 global climate conference next week, according to new UN Development Programme (UNDP) research.

The amount spent directly on these subsidies could pay for COVID-19 vaccinations for every person in the world, or pay for three times the annual amount needed to eradicate global extreme poverty. When indirect costs, including costs to the environment, are factored into these subsidies, the figure rises to almost US$6 trillion, according to data published recently by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Instead, UNDP’s analysis highlights that these funds, paid for by taxpayers, end up deepening inequality and impeding action on climate change.

The main contributor to the climate emergency is the energy sector which accounts for 73 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuel subsidy reforms would contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and benefit human health and well-being, and they are a first step towards correctly pricing energy – one that reflects the ‘true’ and full cost of using fossil fuels to society and the environment.

But UNDP’s analysis shows that fossil fuel subsidy reforms can also be unfair and harmful for households and society if they are poorly designed. While fossil fuel subsidies tend to be an unequalising tool – as the lion’s share of the benefits concentrate among the rich – these subsidies also represent an important portion of poor peoples’ incomes that otherwise must be paid for energy consumption. Fossil fuel subsidies’ removal thus could easily become an income- and energy-impoverishing strategy. This contributes to making fossil fuels reform difficult, and imposes a key barrier to transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources.

The Don’t Choose Extinction campaign features a collective intelligence platform, the Global Mindpool, to help tackle the most important issues of our time. Linking insights from around the world – on the climate emergency, the crisis in nature and inequality – the Global Mindpool will support UNDP to better inform and equip policy makers in government, civil society, and the private sector.

For more information on the ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign, visit

UNDP is the leading United Nations organization fighting to end the injustice of poverty, inequality, and climate change. Working with our broad network of experts and partners in 170 countries, we help nations to build integrated, lasting solutions for people and planet.

Produced by The @United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the voice of Jack Black.

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  4. This is complete nonsense. If you cancel fossil fuels, theese children you show will be even poorer and most importantly, there will be far more childern like that in poverty. People's starting point is poverty and they will get rich thanks to fossil fuels, capitalism, businesses, free market and other thinks. You do not know even the basics of economics. You just spread lies. You are just hatefull parasites who really threaten others so also this planet with your activities.

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  7. So irresponsible. Global warming has changed and will change climates in a way that have and will drive species to extinction. This does of course not include humans. Where does the IPCC reports say humans are at risk of extinction?

  8. My brother in christ you are the UN. What billions of dollars am i spending on subsidies, i have maybe 30 in my checking. Preaching to the wrong choir my friend

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  10. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

    courage to change the things I can,

    and wisdom to know the difference."
    I am not worried about climate change even the slightest little bit. The Bible says Jesus is coming back and He will rule THIS earth for 1000 years. The earth isn't going anywhere.

  11. There are 'Mad Scientists" that believe gasoline and fossil fuels are going to make life on earth extinct. The crazy thing is a large percentage of people believe them.
    Their solution is for us to declare war on gasoline and fossil fuels and go back and ride horses and plow fields with mules and live like the Omish.
    Their plan of electric vehicles is not scientifically feasible. We can't even run our air conditioners in the peak summer months on our current power grid without a power black-out.
    How can we charge 280 million electric vehicles? The infrastructure does not yet exist to support Biden's plan. Biden is trying to rush science. You can't rush science.

  12. Hope all of those multimillionaires and billionaires buying beach house properties and talking about climate change know their investments will go bye, bye. They probably should buy insurance. Wait, I don't think there's many or perhaps even a single insurance company that has that covered, is there? Weird.

  13. Addressed to
    United Nations member countries

    We, the Free People, by whose labors all the goods of this World are made, whose Rights to Life and Liberty are inalienable, whose bodies are untouchable, being the source of Power and acting consciously,
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  14. the temperature of the planet has been changing since the day it was made. volcanoes put out more co2 then humans but you can't tax a volcano can you. just another one of many ways we are trying to be deceived!!

  15. This is an ad bought by the UN that's pleading with the UN. Why? Because they want the people to demand action from them so they can justify grabbing as much power as possible. It's called a psy-op.

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  18. Yeah sure, let's jump on the big endorsement when the average American, and subsequently the average human can afford an electric car , pay the electric bills, etc…. So far I haven't been presented with a viable solution

  19. Barbaric, hostile authoritarian groups are misusing Veto Power in UN; threatening the world, invading and bullying weaker nations resulting environmental degradation, climate change, food shortages, poverty, hunger, conflicts, disasters, wars, corruption, economic crises, bankruptcy, deaths across the world. Those dirty groups are like greedy, cruel dinosaurs need to be extinct from United Nations and the World if people want Peaceful World with Justice and Humanity.

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    I've figured out what extinction is.

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