Dolphins vs. Jets Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Miami Dolphins take on the New York Jets during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Comment (602)

  1. I don't feel so bad. We lost in a respectable score, we exposed some of our upcoming needs in the draft,and we kept our picking order,in draft high. We knew it would take a few years, our glass is half full not half empty. Staying positive. Ride the Jets ✈ Fly High 🗽

  2. I still see we need linemen on both sides of the ball linebackers defensive back/safety help and last but not least tight ends….we are still 2 years away from relevant,and hopefully by then our coaches get better. I still believe in the plan,well get there keep the faith ✈🗽

  3. Tua looked good today. Yes, it was against the Jets but a good performance nonetheless. They are on a win streak right now but I don't know if it will continue. They have easy games like the Giants, Jets and the faltering Saints but they also have tough games like the Patriots, Titans, (hopefully they'll rebound after their embarrassing loss today), and next week's matchup against the Panthers could be tough also. That game is a game that the Panthers should win in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Jets meanwhile have taken the lead in the tank bowl with a 3-game losing streak to boot. Next week will be an interesting game in terms of the tank bowl as the Jets take on the Texans who got a massive upset against the AFC-leading Titans today. Although both teams are well out of the playoff picture, it will be an interesting matchup if just to see which AFC team gets officially eliminated first.

  4. One key thing with Tua in at QB is just how well he moves in the pocket in terms of his footwork as compared to Brissett who despite being known as a mobile QB he doesn't have anywhere near the footwork that Tua does inside the pocket. I mean just any Brissett game and anytime their is pressure that he can't escape by rolling it out you just see him throwing the ball into the ground. Yet with Tua you see him slide around in the pocket to avoid the rush and make an actual throw downfield.

    I mean Tua still isn't getting even average protection is missing 2 of his top 3 WR all year and has still looked sharp in his last 4 starts other then the few INT his thrown which cut him some slack on since he still young. He's basically 3-3 as a starter this season if you don't include the 1st Bills game which why would you he played on one drive. And if you include the Ravens game where he came in relief. And in two of his losses he threw for over 300yds and they only lost on last seconds FG where you can't really blame him for either loss as the Jags game it was terrible play calling on the 4th and 1 from the 50 that cost them the game and set up the Jags for their FG. and the Falcons game he lead them on a 12 point comeback in the 4th and gave them the lead late but the defense allowed the Falcons to march right down the field to setup a short FG.

  5. Looks like that injury waddle has is getting better. He is starting to get more like what we saw in four years at Alabama. He was fast enough to look ok at the beginning but Devonta Smith said he would take him in A 40 against Ruggs who ran 4.28.

  6. I love seeing all these compliments and hopes for the Miami offense and Tua, yet some people be forgetting ya beat the jets… congrats.. the dolphins have proven they aren’t bottom five in the league 😂😂

  7. Unless you're trying to please the bookies and gamblers the decision to kick the field goal instead of attempting to score a touchdown you need anyway is galling and thoroughly ridiculous.

  8. They should keep tua for another couple years if consistent but not waste 7 years like they did with a mediocre Ryan tannehill will be happy too see tua succeed an stay in Miami for years

  9. It seems like for a long time even when Nick Saban coach the dolphins he was bad he was not a good NFL coach just like Urban Meyers coach in Jacksonville Urban Meyers not a good coach I think there's a lot of similarities there the point is urban Meyers great at college like Nick Saban but I don't think he can coach in the NFL and I'm saying there's got to be a reason I don't know why Miami ain't no good but since Nick Saban and Ricky Williams for Miami I think Miami's been mediocre even Ronnie Brown when he played for Miami I don't and then some of the wide receivers Brian Hartline I mean they never been good even with him it just seems like Miami might beat New England when Tom Brady was here once in a while but Miami has done nothing I can't believe it even Cleveland gets better

  10. Ashtyn Davis, Free Safety, was on my Dolphins Mock 3.5, in the 2nd round, where Miami drafted Raekwon Davis. I wish he'd have a better season. Was told he is developing slowly. Miami's secondary coach, Gerald Alexander, use to coach at California, which is the university that Ashtyn Davis came from.

  11. People say tua has a weak arm when his rise to fame was a 50yd LINE DRIVE DIME to beat a cover 2 defense and win a national title. In fact the throw was such a dime and show of arm strength that the safety couldn't even make it there to even contest the catch when that was his only responsibility.

  12. I CANNOT emphasize enough, how desperate they are to contain a mass awakening.

    When people realize our entire history, our reality, our medicines, our media, and more, has been managed and policed by a secret society then there will be no going back

  13. I don’t get why the OC’s don’t trust Tua. Those wild cat plays are fun and all but it also says a lot about how they feel with Tua as QB. They need to trust Tua. They should have scored another TD at the end instead of just a field goal.

  14. Our local NJ rag is saying the jets played well Sunday. Is this still everyone gets a trophy thinking? They lost another winnable game.To be fair to the NJ rag they think Rutgers is worthy of a bowl game. How low can our expectations go? Lots of bad football around here.


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