DOLLAR TREE $1 GIFT IDEAS! (Christmas gifts baskets + unique easy DIYs) 🎁

Easy Dollar Tree DIY gift ideas for Christmas 2021 on a budget. These unique gift baskets will impress everyone! Thank you for watching.

Dollar Tree gift ideas:
EVEN MORE gift basket ideas:
2021 Walmart Christmas gift guide:
Gift wrap Ideas:

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Comment (133)

  1. Boy I wish you lived by me so you could make me some of these. They are so cute. You have done such a good job on all of the item. Can’t wait to see your next video.

  2. I love the cookie 🍪 cutter candles 🕯! What a great idea! How long do you melt candles in microwave? Thanks for always sharing such wonderful ideas Sara Jane! 💗💗

  3. Fantastic! Super cute and creative. You never disappoint! As a HUGE Friends fan, I was super excited to see the lip balms 😄 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! So looking forward to your next video 😉

  4. Such great ideas!! I love the Coca-Cola polar bear. If you ever get a chance to meet him in person I HIGHLY recommend it! He's so freaking adorable and soft. I met him in Atlanta.

  5. I love all the Christmas present ideas that you can easily do for a family or friend on Christmas and how they are from dollar tree. Thank you for some neat wonderful ideas I can do for someone this year jus for $1

  6. These were all so adorable! I’m a huge fan of Friends and Coca-Cola, so the last two were my favorites though. I found a couple of the lip balm‘s at my dollar tree the other day and was so excited! But I kept them for myself. Lol

  7. I would just be careful about whom you gift things like this to. Like a lot of people lately, my husband and I have been making a concerted effort the last few years to cut down on clutter and little things we don’t need, because we have a small home and like to keep it clean. Especially since a fair amount of DT’s products don’t work well (their nail polish, for example) and those little bag mixes for cookies hardly make any, etc., I would cringe at receiving a lot of these gifts because I would just have no use for them and wouldn’t want them cluttering up my house. I also don’t need more kitchen utensils that are going to be worse quality than what I already have, so I’d just quietly give those away. I’m guessing a lot of teachers would feel the same—they’d rather receive a gift card so they can choose something they want, rather than you choosing a bunch of cheap stuff they may or may not like.
    Of COURSE I always appreciate the thought behind a gift, but just trying to point out that being practical and thoughtful can help you be a better gift-giver.


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