Dodgers vs. Rockies Game Highlights (4/8/22) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Rockiesfull game highlights from 4/8/22

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  1. Imagine if the Rockies still had Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado. Their defense and offense would be nice. Their pitching is what needs some work. Rockies have a great group of guys, excited to see what they can do. Definitely need to bolster that pitching though, maybe make some trades and see what they do next offseason in free agency. I’m a Cardinals fan, LETS GO CARDS!!!!!!

  2. Dodger Fan: Other than the 4th inning, the Rockies really held some ground today and I acknowledge them for it. I think Denver might have something brewing this season. Who knows? As for us, my expectations for this season are getting at least 90 wins.

  3. I know we they won but at what point do rob vanscoyoc and brant brown get fired? They’ve been hitting coaches since 2019 and in the time they’ve been here stars get here and look worse, prospects get here and look like bust even tho it’s been a while since we had a bust until they got here and bellinger is literally in a 3 year slump …. What positive have they brought to the team. And before an idiot tells me they fixed muncy Turner Taylor those weren’t the coaches that fixed them they all got fixed in different ways and different people


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