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  1. You showed how easy it can be! I'm going to gather cones for next year. Have none at this time. I made a bunch of other wreaths for this year. Think I'm done. 😊

  2. I have an issue with my pinecones closing up outdoors when it rains. I know they open back up when they dry out again, but just wondering if there's a way to prevent that from happening? I seem to recall sticking them in a low oven one year to really dry them out. Haha!

  3. For the last 1+ yrs I've been watching your channel. I went from avoiding garden responsibilities at all costs to creating a balcony garden for 2 consecutive seasons and growing my housplant collection. Thank you for your inspiring videos. In return, i'll share a little bit of trivia with you – the part of the pinecone that you wrapped the wire aroung is called the "scale". Thank you Garden Answer!

  4. Oh Laura I love how they turned out. They are absolutely beautiful. I just love the look. Now I need to start making some swags and wreaths. You, Aaron, Benjamin and Samantha Grace have a great weekend.

  5. I really wish you had done at least one more set before you sped it up. It seems simple to you because you have done similar things a lot and maybe even because your mom was a florist who taught you these kinds of techniques? Either way, you are very good at this but not everyone else is, but we want to learn. But, I am a visual learner and haven't done this and am not nearly as good at crafts as I used to be, not that I was ever great, lol, so a little more showing how to keep stacking them would have been very helpful to me. You seem to always think we are going to be bored, but we keep telling you that is not the case, lol. Longer is better. Anyway, it's beautiful as all your projects are.

  6. So pretty. You make it look so simple I feel like I could do that! I'm going to make one after Thanksgiving celebrations (and my beloved company has gone back home). Looking forward to this project (as Laura says)!. If it goes well I'll make two 🙂

  7. Hi Laura and Aaron! I really like your pinecone swags. They turned out so pretty and I think with your demonstration on how to wire everything, most of us could do that. I like the greenery, berries and bow that you added. It made them look perfect. They look really pretty on the white doors to the sunroom. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. What a beautiful swag Laura! I have never seen one of these before! My lane back to my house is about a half a mile long and lined with pine trees on both sides so I have plenty that I can gather from to make a few swags/wreaths! You are such a inspiration to me and have been in so many ways that I cannot thank you enough I just love you channel! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃❤️👏

  9. Is this an old video or a re-upload? Laura is wearing a different ring? Or is it an upgrade or something alike? Also I feel like that table top looks different from what we normally see? 🕵️ Haha sorry I just couldn't help but notice! 😀

  10. So pretty! 🥰. Unfortunately, the only cones I have are hemlock cones. (for a wee, tiny swag). Ha!
    Looking forward to more Christmas ideas from you.

  11. Swags are beautiful. Completely off topic but I need to know what to do with strawberry plants in a container for over the Winter. I'm in zone 7A in New Jersey. Just leave the green leafs or cut them back?

  12. I’m a long time follower, and every year I look forward to seeing your Christmas videos! They help me get in the mood to dig out the Christmas mess and try new things! Thanks for the inspiration!🎄

  13. Holy cow your ring is absolutely stunning! Very pretty! Is it just me seeing it for the first time since you don’t normally where a ring. Or did you reinvest. I know you both are not super flashy, so sorry for being a tad invasive. I just had to comment how pretty it looked next to the pine cones.

  14. Good morning…off topic question…I’ve followed your channel from the beginning and love it…have you ever considered organizing your videos into “created playlists” by topic groups or possibly by year? Thanks always for the great content.

  15. I absolutely ❤️ this swag! Thank you so much for sharing and the inspiration! I wish we had those long cones here in Georgia! We have the short fat ones! This is so beautiful!


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