Disney•Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

In this hidden camera stunt, your favorite talking dog from Disney•Pixar’s “UP” surprises unsuspecting people in the park. Get ready to laugh as Dug comes to life … for real!

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Comment (4,092)

  1. Pixar have always had an amazing empathy that touches your heart and soul, makes you smile, laugh, cry, and reflect on what it is to be human… or canine! Disney made a good call buying them, but Dug is definitely all Pixar. Squirrel 🐿️!!!

  2. This makes me miss my Golden girl, Annie. She was a very social dog, loved everyone and wanted attention. On walks she would want to meet people and other dogs as well. In the park and backyard we would play fetch with the ball or a Frisbee until she would get so tired she would just crash at my feet panting hard. She was always around us.
    She was also protective of my family. One time she came into the bedroom and woke up my wife in the middle of the night. Annie then led my wife to our daughters room where she was having trouble breathing. It was a bad case of croup. We took her to the ER for help.
    I miss that big ball of fur. Gone 10 years now, and still in my heart. If she had a collar like that I don't what she would say to me, but she didn't have to as it was all in her eyes and facial expressions.


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