Dinosaur Extinction Started 10 Million Years Before The Asteroid Hit

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? We’ve all heard the theory about the asteroid that hit the Earth and destroyed the Dinos. But what if it was a myth we truly believed in? A new theory claims that dinosaurs would be wiped from Earth even without an asteroid. Let’s take a look at these 27 roarsome facts about dinosaurs…


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  1. Isn't it a happiest feeling when ur notified "Someone Subscribed to your Channel" guess it literally made everybody's day more better & be inspired. The Love & Support be with us always❣️🤝🏼🫂🙌🏼

  2. The idea of volcanic and environmental changes causing the dinosaurs’ extinction is also part of the older theories that they went extinct long before the meteor theory.
    It seems that the meteor theory is just too widely accepted now during the period when dinosaurs exploded into pop culture again. Dr. Robert Baker was one of the few newer generations of paleontologists who didn’t fully buy into the meteor theory being solely responsible for their extinction. He’s always been the primo authority on dinos to me as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Thats not true, dinosaurs live in every biome, even in tundra. You called this video that dinosaurs start to go extinct 10 mil.years before asteroid, and you talk about that only at start and then you talking about random things (and i know you deleting some comments, dont try it😑)

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  6. So im sure im not the only one who doesn’t believe in this! Let’s be rational: just because someone says this is what happened in the past, that doesn’t mean this happened!! Think! Dinosaurs didn’t live millions of years ago, they wouldn’t have remains!! They existed before the global flood which was around 7000 years ago!


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