Diablo (2016)

A young Civil War veteran named Jackson wakes up to find his beautiful wife kidnapped by ruthless bandits. With killers around every corner, the lines begin to blur between who the good and the bad are, including Jackson. As a final gunfight looms for our hero and he is asked to risk it all to save the woman he loves, this action-packed western takes twists and turns that will break even the hardest of hearts.

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  1. What a waste…….. terrible ending and a waste of time . The writer and director have not a clue to capture the possibility of what they could have had with the son of on of the greatest actors and director's of all time.

  2. I have considered praying for that accursed monster, but as God almighty had pre-condemned Satan I know better than to do that, if I were to do so I would inherit his curse.

  3. What was that one "Outlaws and Angels". It was good, but it was twisted, it had some pretty graphic parts in it. This movie could have used more grit, plus, why was everyone so "clean", Lol not a speck of dirt, everything new. It needed more wear and tare.

  4. Great performances by the actors. As far as the storyline it was definitely not your ordinary which is pretty cool, but it was so frustrating that all these characters had a chance to kill the mother fucker and didn't!! Saying that all those characters deserved to be killed. But overall it was entertaining enough for me to write my first comment on something like this. LOL

  5. That man braved the elements to get his wife back. When a tear rolled down his cheek when they shot his horse, I knew the ending would be different.. And when I saw the way his wife looked at him when he got to her — that look was "you don't want me after what they've done to me". You could see that she could never live with what had happened to her. No one can overshadow our precious Clint, but I look forward to seeing more of Scott.

  6. Scott Eastwood is a chip off of the old block and does a really great job in this flick.
    No-one will ever takes his fathers place in movies, but he is an impressive actor in every thing I have seen him in.
    Thanks for the upload, decent flick !

  7. You know this world you help me I help you you know this world it's for the people United States of America are immigrants United as one civilization peace and love but don't sugar coated we're not perfect not one of us I'm talking about this whole world you all want things for the ones we love manipulating strong arm taking kindness for weakness knowing the right thing to do to survive just surfing in this big surfboard that I have on my traveling the world treating the speech

  8. Great Movie. Stupid storyline. Just Evil for no reason at all. Senseless. Honestly John Wayne movies from more than half a century ago are 10 times better. Well Eastwood, at least the blood looks realer .. but the whole story of Diablo was dumb –

  9. One of the worst, if not the worst western I have ever seen. Too many inconsistencies and convenient sequences to accommodate situations of conflict/violence. I think Scott should go back to acting school and also ask his father for forgiveness for allowing himself to get involved with such a movie. This movie proves that an acorn DOES fall far from the tree……..at least for now.

  10. Clint Eastwood was bestowed with so much manhood his sperm cloned itself and made his kid a spitting image. Scott is the second coming of Clint Eastwood.

  11. The beginning of this movie is shot n produced kinda shitty. The first 4 mins is packed n the fact that the characters ask n say the same cliche B's…."where's your wife" who took her, ect…

  12. 10 mins in and finding myself searching for a reason to keep watching…the ONLY reason I haven't clicked off is out of respect for Clint's son….but Jesus, what's going on….


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