Deepika & Vikrant’s Little Conversation | Dhadkan – Zindaggi Kii | Mon – Fri At 10:00 PM

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  1. Kal ka episode dekhne ke baad I don't think Vikrant Deepika ke ghar se jaayega?? Koi na koi jugar zaroor lagayega?? Ya do din baad phir se aa jaayega?? Ya to every day aayega?? Per Vikrant Deepika ko trap zaroor karega ya already kar chuka hain???

  2. Deepika is behaving like Abhay did something wrong to her he is only advising you. Vikrant ke saath to bade ache se sab bhool ke ache se baat kar ri hai. Aur Abhay jo sahi advise de raha uske saath aise.🤦

  3. Abhay is jealous and annoying sometimes… I think Deepika knows what she is doing. Track is intresting but if abhay can stop constantly following deepika the track will be better.

  4. ❣️जिंदगी में 😍इतने बड़े बन❣️ जाओ कि अपने ❣️मां-बाप 🙏की हर ख्वाइश 🤗पूरी कर सको 🙏 😭😭👍

  5. ❣️जिंदगी में 😍इतने बड़े बन❣️ जाओ कि अपने ❣️मां-बाप 🙏की हर ख्वाइश 🤗पूरी कर सको 🙏 😭😭👍

  6. After watching yesterday's episode, I am feeling that Dr. Saxena is intentionally doing all of this. I think he is trying to get his revenge from Dr. Sinha, for what she did 10 years ago. I mean he is trying to trap Dr. Sinha in his so called "love". And that's how his revenge will be done, like Dr. Sinha will lose everything. I think when Dr. Saxena saw Dr. Sinha after 10 years, then he had decided to get his revenge. I really don't know what will happen. I just guessed!!🤔🤔

  7. Abhay jse ladke kha milte h aajkal.. Dipika use jis trah ignore kaeri and kal usne jse usko bola get out.. He is not even caring for his self respect he just want to protect her at any cost. Abhay ❤❤❤❤

  8. Why does Vikrant behave like a mumma's boy?? And what does that mean by Deepika 'baaki aurato ko blame krtei ho ki kuch sikhaya nahi??' Imean what has happened to the writers..what kind of dialogues are you giving to the character Deepika?? Are women supposed to teach everything to men??And if a man didnot learn then how are women in his life to be blamed for?

  9. Deepika has become delusional she herself will say aditi is ur wife & then she herself will behave like his thing vikrant is leaving the house.hope aditi comes soon then only there will be some clarity in their part either vikrant goes back or something happens between him & deepika officially.

  10. Abhay should back off. Yes his concerns are genuine but Dipika will decide on her own. 10 years back koi nhi tha usko "protect" karne ke liye. She took all her decisions herself and moved forward on her own. She can do that now. If she makes a mistake she'll suffer the consequences and learn from it. She doesn't need Abhay to "guide" her

  11. Makers decide karlo Hero con h or villain kon h.. Ek din abhay ko psycho dikhate ho dusre din vikrant ko.. Hme b confuse kar diaa. Decide nhi kia tha kya script likhte time 😂😂

  12. Yesterday it didn't look gd when vikrant said deepika's name so casually,today abhay is so annoying & deepika is forever confused sometimes it seems she thinks she is the wife & sometimes she thinks aditi is the wife.i hope only 36 episodes to go as they r showing on tv can't watch more writer is totally confused & making us confused also.

  13. Abhay genuinely cares for deepika. It looks quite irritating though, but he is completely true! Vikrant is NOT a RIGHT person. Moreover he is trying to destroy her life by telling PC that it was her who helped him and hid the truth of him being a DRUG ADDICT. He risked her job! Intentionally!!! Abhay is right! But Deepika is completely confused to understand that he is. Abhay should stop concerning her! If she's not ready to take his genuine advice.

  14. I Just hate this character VIKRANT. He is doing all these things only to trap Deepika. If he have little bit care, concern or love(😒) for her then he would never take Deepika's name in front of PC. He just want to make her alone.

  15. Abhay psycho h kya😂😂😂 Deepika's expression was perfect…koi kheyali polao banaye to usko kya bole…so irritating guy Abhay.why u can't mind ur own business Dr. Sathey ya whatever😡

  16. Makers ne accha game khela hai 🔥🙌 audience ka dimag pura gol gol ghuma raha hai
    Sin curve k tarah aj upar jata hai to kal niche chala jata
    Itna complex full confused hu
    Whatever enjoying this suspense on the characters excited for the upcoming episodes 🔥🔥🔥
    Hats off to the makers this show is completely unpredictable 🙌

  17. Where is the Abhay who said he will not involve in relationships, feelings any more & will focus only upon his career?! I want someone to guide him too!

  18. i think Abahy is very very impulsive. He is so quick to give people character certificates/ or have baseless assumptions. He just goes to the extreme all of a sudden. Like at the beginning he was like Dp is having an affair just because he saw her with PC, then she is not a good doctor, then Wow I am soooo in love while being in a relationship because you are so independent. Like being in a relationship, falling for someone is a cheating. Now people be like Oh no love just happen.. what a bullshit! Like wtf. When you are already with someone, you are committed to someone fully. Mentally you are so much into that relationship that you do not think about others which is reality. Real relationships lasts because of that. Now some people be like nah he does not love Sia, then why the Fuck are you with her? It’s like deceiving someone. Like people needs to put themselves in the place of Sia, then they will realize what an asshole is he…. like this kind of people in real life is more scarier. And this kind of people actually exist in real life. They be like get into relationships for their convenience/curiosity, then leave them as they wish like saying it was not real love. Wtf bitch! Be honest from the beginning then…..

    Then, of course, he has little to no respect towards her at the beginning. A senior doctor has so much experience/knowledge to be in that position. We are watching a medical drama, so we are like omg Abahy is so smart. There is a difference between booksmart and actual experience which DP has. No matter what he or anyone should never go over anyone head and doubt their abilities, especially when they do not have near to none abilities as them. If it was a real life, then he would be firedddddd like hell. He is so annoying man… like bruh the writers are so shitting for the male characters I feel like. The only male characters I like I feel PC, Ansari and Firoz and of course Ali. So much better!!!!…. PC is an ideal teacher/supervisor… Ansari is a struggling class doctor who states facts. He struggled to be here and of course he is cunning which is necessary for his success. He is poor. If he was not cunning and know how to chase opportunities, then he would not be here. Firoz is a real friend who did not betray Sia, Ali is an amazing trainer/advisor….

    Then Abahy fall in love like in weeks… bruh and you did not fall in love with Sia in years who you call your GF and got engaged? I don’t think any girl should marry him. He be like my ex father blah blah then himself turned into a cheater.. what a hypocrite!

    Then of course,,, Vikrant is a toxic person I know but Abahy what’s wrong with you? Why without knowing you are assuming the worse? Like accusing DP for an affair for multiple times. Bruh if I were your boss then you would be fired by now. Then OH Ho Ho… he acts like I am the survivor of DP, without me she would not see the real face of VK… noh bro she already did that’s why she left him 10 years ago. I don’t understand what’s wrong with him…. I do not understand why Abahy thinks DP needs his protection,.. like everytime he be over protective or caring, it comes out as looking down on DP as if she is not capable of taking care of herself… bro Fuck off, none needs your protection here lol…

    I do not understand what DP did wrong here. She always made it clear that she is not interested into any affair with VK. She helped him to get better because of course she felt bad. It is true that after their break up, VK was hurt. She was maybe feeling guilty/bad. So she helped him as much as she can. She gave home time rather than reporting right way… she never crossed her line… I don’t understand what’s wrong with that… VK got better. He is leaving now. PC knows everything… VK and Aditi is VK’s personal matter. That’s why DP is out of it which people should stay out of others personal matter. Abahy should learn from her… I think with DP is very realistic. If in real life we face this kind of issues, we need to handle things with delicacy, not going extreme like AB. Also, DP never neglected her work for VK. Like she did not made any extreme changes, like take full on break to take care of VK. She was working while doing everything… it shows like people’s life does not only revolve around their personal life only. We may face difficulties but we Need to balance it.

    I am really not understanding what AB wants from her now. Like what is the point of telling all these shitty things tO HER? Are you next door aunt who is here to give free advices? Like she is doing what she needs to do. She always stated that she knows VK is married and even at home all the conversations are professional/friendly/casual… bruh if a girl is smiling at you, it does not mean she is in love with you ….. and if VK goes to extreme, then DP is perfectly capable of making good decisions to protect herself…. like when she broke her marriage, she lost her family but she did not break. She managed everything… so why are people so concerned for her? If anything happen, she is more than capable of handle it… men like AB is there to take credit for woman’s work… and VK is toxic masculinity who can’t see anyone beyond himself… low key both lead are nothing but trash which resembles most men in the world…. DP deserves so much better who respects like, admires her, an open minded supportive who does not make assumptions/judgementss or stops her from pursuing her dreams, supports her in a way she wants……

  19. Vikrant jab Deepika ke saat tha uski respect ni ki… fir ab Aditi se shaadi karli uski respect ni karta… i am sure firse Deepika ke saat hojayega toh usko firse respect ni karega… Vikrant ka basic nature hi esa hai ye kabi change ni hoga… har kisika ek personality hota hai vo kabi changr nai hota…

  20. Now i think Deepika single is better not sure what vikrant is trying to do bt abhay forgot about being partner as a friend also he will be very annoying he just goes on & on will make deepika mad he is too immature & an obsessed person.

  21. Quitting it now.. Bhaii mujse nhi hora.. 10-15 episodes ke baad dekhungi ab jab makers audience ko or pagl nhi bnaenge.. Itna complex kar dia h sab kuch. It's feeling too heavy

  22. I don't understand why peoples are saying that Deepika and Abhay should be together like seriously man in yesterday's episode he was just behaving like immature child he wasn't accepting the fact that he got rejected and keep on disturbing Deepika on the other hand Vikrant was being a gentleman and liting up her mood he has realised that he did mistakes in the past and now he is trying apologise to her by showing affection, so I prefer vpika ❤️

  23. Vikrant is just playing game with dipika's emotions again…dipika is falling in his trap…but abhay may save her from him….vikrant ki just like ka sanki aasik…he will not dipika stay away from her jabardasti…dipika should see his real side…


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