Décor Tips From Interior Designer Bunny Williams

The New York-based designer on forgoing the latest design trends, her love for antique urns and how to add glamour to a room. Image: Weston Wells for The Wall Street Journal
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Comment (36)

  1. wow get a few wearthered looking urns and dated items whip a room together and a huge bill and you too can be living the luxury life with bunny!……..ugghhhhhh what junk

  2. She is so right about lighting. Table lamps and candle lights are so much nicer and softer than the overhead light and chandeliers that everybody seems to have in their house these days.

  3. Bunny, thank you! Great ideas in a too-short video.
    What is that divine intro music?
    I remember it from Marvin Hamlisch opening An Evening with Groucho. But what's the name? It's so good.

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