DCA: Starring Ben Cowen – Talking BTC, Bull Run, PlanB, ADA vs ETH vs SOL, ETH Targets, BTC Targets

#Bitcoin #DCA #CryptoWeekAhead #PlanB #SuperCycle
Ben Cowen Into the Cryptoverse https://t.co/9eWsnXQVCs?amp=1 />Digital Asset news Channel: https://www.youtube.com/DigitalAssetNewsDAN
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0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

2:00 What triggered the recent dip?

5:00 The Week Ahead

8:00 Supercycle vs PlanB – How long do you see bull market run? Or could it be never-ending ie BTC Going up forever?

12:00 If there is a bear market how far could we retrace?

14:00 ETH vs ADA

18:00 If you had to only hold 5 crypto tokens what would they be?

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Comment (754)

  1. This is the reason why James's channel is becoming the fastest growing crypto channel on YouTube. Not *itboy, not cryptobanter (although I am a fan of the show) or any other shows. Just straight up informational edutainment!

    And this was the best DCA hands down! Pls bring Ben Cowen as many times as he is willing to come on. He adds another dimension to the show and he is so honest .

    Thank you James!🙏🙏🙏

  2. Ben is always informative and entertaining. This format brought out a whole new side we don't see on his channel. It was great to see him give perspectives on things he doesn't usually cover and show how versatile he really is. DCA all day!! Thanks to Rob, James and Ben for being great voices in the space!

  3. Have an interesting proposition – with the brains, street cred and experiences u guys bring , (plus CTO Larsson is a developer too..!) , your next project should be in crypto space . I would believe your crypto solution and tokenonics would be far superior than many of the alts out there right now .

  4. NICE VIDEO!!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END, Nevertheless trading and investment are the best way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the oval office,

  5. Here a question to think about you sued someone who only uses crypto there no way the legal system can force them to turn over the funds from there wallet like they can with a bank account. So what effects do you think this could have on the legal system when there a financial dispute and money needs to be turned over or paid to the winner of a lawsuit claim?

  6. Great stuff guys! The elite are about to perform their final global operation where the smart money jumps into 'safe haven' digital assets at peak fear going into Xmas until March of 2022 timed with a medical system collapse and protests. Then, around April/May the elite will unveil their implementation plans regarding carbon credit global tax, blockchain DID and CBDCs in an effort to fix the broken system but only after a ton of max pain coming up.

  7. good riddance to george (aka cryptoRus). brings zilch value. his channel is a bore. keeps having a biased view and doesn't knw shitz abt potential coins.

  8. nowadays in TradFi, algorithms do all the trading. How much do you think that is going on in this space? And what do you see in how it can effect the markets?

    Also James, I was listening to Tim Ferris' most recent podcast with Balajis (recommend you give it a listen) and he discussed some potential scenarios happening geopolitically and one possible aspect to consider was the executive order 6102 (gold confiscation) and how at some point there could be some similar attemp in the US, and with that more people would want to remove their assets from exchanges as we are seeing happening now. With all the "writing on the wall", maybe some of that could be what is behind the outflows

  9. I am biased because I have been following Ben as well, but I think this was the best DCA crew so far! This was an excellent conversation between three of the best Crypto YouTubers! Please do this again you three!

  10. Hey James thanks for providing this great, FREE service to us rookies. The only request I'd like to ask of you is can you tell us what the ACRONYMS you often us MEAN. I'm so new the crypto platforms and terminology is a totally new language that typically leave me lost as I try to follow WHAT you are talking about. Also, is there a YouTube or book I can go to to learn what these terms mean. Thanx YODA! :-))

  11. What?!?!?! This is great! I don't know if this was an announcement or a surprise, but great to see Benjamin join in. I certainly enjoy George for what he is, but he doesn't play well with others 😂

    This grouping of great minds should be even better going forward, love it guys!

  12. The three of you are most honest smartest, and rational crypto youtubers on the internet! Also I've been waiting to see you and Ben come together for so long! More together please!

  13. Everyone need more than their salary to be financially stabel, the best thing to with your money is to invest it rightly, because money left for savings always end up with no returns. I started investing in Bitcoin mid april 2020 with the help of this well known platform and the profit entirely funded my recent duplex

  14. Car analogy doesn't work, James. I'm an automotive engineer, bmw engineering wise is not comparable to a Mercedes. A Hyundai is better engineered than a bmw. Tesla's are better than bmw not better than Mercedes or Hyundai. So bang for buck buy hyundai, luxury buy Mercedes, want electric buy Mercedes. I have worked on, with and crash tested all brands in Australia, I have owned Merc, Hyundai ,Tesla but it's still just my opinion. Love the show👍👍

  15. Maybe it is just me, but Ben doesn't have any definite answer to anything ever. Every question he answers with the process how to think about it, whereas the question is what "he" thinks about it… bunch of talking, not saying much.

  16. Please be careful with the type of platform you deal with, I have been used in the past before I met this real platform,where I was able to increase my portfolio from 2.1BTC TO 3.6BTC in few days ..I was really shocked coz I couldn't believe him at first ..don’t get tricked by those bunch of fake hackers anymore.

  17. Please be careful with the type of platform you deal with, I have been used in the past before I met this real platform,where I was able to increase my portfolio from 2.1BTC TO 3.6BTC in few days ..I was really shocked coz I couldn't believe him at first ..don’t get tricked by those bunch of fake hackers anymore.

  18. James great interview real good bunch of guys but please for the love of God get raoul pal on for an interview would be great to watch that 🙏

  19. The crypto market has been favourable in the past weeks, I keep missing out on this opportunity, I'm most certainly very impatient how can I ever make a profit in the crypto market.

  20. Hi James
    In some of your videos you mention inflation rates of 14 and 15 percent but I have not seen where this comes from. Could you please do a video that explains where that number comes from, how it is calculated and what are the sources?

  21. Rob has a great outlook on investing. He keeps these discussions from becoming polarised. Still can't get my head around buying virtual land/property though.

  22. I really would love to meet James in person, he seems to be the best companion for a drink lol always honest hardworking and responsible type of person full respect to him !


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