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  1. So sooo cute!
    Btw: who makes that organizer with the bins on the background? Where the toys are at. Seems like something I need to accommodate our family of 5 children 😊

  2. Check into Abeka Academy. It's a school in Florida but they send stuff all over the world. It's all christian based and it has a great phonics program. I used it and it is sooo good! It makes college seem easy! It prepares you for good reading and writing abilities and prepares you for growing up a strong Christian. I highly recommend it. Check it out online!

  3. I remember when my baby went to the dentist for the first time. And when she had a cavity filled for the first time. She was so darn cute. And she did awesome!

  4. by hot… do you mean 30+ ? 😉 I had to laugh at Keiran's outfit… or non-outift. I sure hope this "hot" snap isn't a pre-summer tease. I need that summer weather to stick around for our furlough! See you soon.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are Paces!!! I remember them from when I was a kid in school! We now use My Fathers World curriculum for our little family and love it!!

  6. I have the Nutrasutten pacifier from my little girl to is that what you use? If it is I would be curious how do you make it last longer LOL they’re kind of expensive to get replaced so soon

  7. I can write with both hands equally well. My left hand only writes backwards. Mirror image backwards. I can also write upside down both the correct way and mirror image. I discovered I could do this in primary school. Can you write backwards?

  8. Cold quinoa salad is the bomb and can be made ahead of time. It's one of those dishes that tastes best when it has time to soak up flavor. Also cold udon noodles are refreshing and delicious

  9. I am left handed and when someone shows me something I always ask them to sit across from me rather than next to me. Not sure if you're able to try doing something like that?

  10. OMG Ivy's boots are awesome. So adorable. And wow. I would do more thrift shopping if we had one like that in my area. Our local ones have hardly anything decent and next to nothing for kids

  11. Omg, i'm 19 but I was homeschooled my whole life. And when I saw those school books you were using with Ivy I had flash backs to using those same books when I was a little girl! 😂❤

  12. For homeschooling, I recommend Abeka. It is what we use. It is Christian and amazing. Also, My Father's World is another good curriculum.

  13. Ooh my gosh, I remember years ago using that same homeschooling books myself as a little one! I had also completely forgotten about them! So glad you shared this so I can get my hands on this for my son! ❤️

  14. Hello from a Christian mamma from Spain! I found you just a couple of weeks ago and I love your channel. You're such an inspiration. God bless you and your lovely family! Xx

  15. So great your homeschooling I started this year with my oldest daughter she is 9 and its awesome getting a routine down and figuring out how your child learns to me is all fascinating but Alot of information next school yr my 5 yr old will homeschool for kindergarten and my 3 yr old will do preschool at home as well so next August I feel like life will b even more no stop i have to pray for patience and energy lots of energy

  16. i know this might sound weird but i’ve grown up with an emotionally absent mother, it’s so refreshing and oddly emotional to watch how you take care of your children. I know you don’t show everything but it’s enough to model how i want to treat my kids in the future, instead of repeating how i was treated. Your videos are like small doses of therapy and it’s helping me come to terms with my childhood and forgive my mother.

  17. Haha my hubby and I have the SAME problem as Ivy!! My hubby is a chef and will try and teach me knife skills, but because he is left-handed it is SO CONFUSING and backwards to me! Funny thing is we never realized that was the issue until recently! I just thought there was something wrong with me, but no, it's just because my brain is using the other side! 😛

  18. Only here to see why another creator says shes problematic lol. Gonna see the tea for myself never heard of her before. I love trump will that make me an outcast here ? Need to know b4 I hit that buttonerr

  19. Do you have any advice for naps? I feel like I never get to leave my house because it stresses me out so much to try and get my baby to nap when we're not home. Thank you for all your videos!

  20. I have a delicious go to meal (which is so good I have it every single day for lunch) that is quick, easy and barely requires any prep at all! All the ingrediants get mixed in together for a comforting and healthy meal with minimal heating required. Per person it's brown rice (which can be pre done), mashed up boiled egg, tin of tuna, chopped cherry tomatoes, spinach, seaweed, tsp pumpkin seeds, tsp sunflower seeds, tsp pine nuts and a tsp sesame seeds. So simple and pretty much tastes like a big bowl of sushi! It's absolutely delicious!


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