DAY 2 FIRST Boss Fight + GIGA TAME and MORE! – ARK: Survival Evolved DarkArk PvP Ep 3

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Comment (137)

  1. btw thought id let u know he didnt get hit golems always end up like that unless you build a special trap its because the cannon ball has splash damage and hits them in their way down (btw im talking about why it was 90%)

  2. Bro I can't start at small tribes, When I do a stone 2×2, they blow with C4 on day 1,even if the base is on the edge of the map, What can I do??

  3. DO NOT PLAY DARKARK IT IS CANCER. I got meshed and teamed on and made a ticket and the admins did nothing. I am so beyond peeved at the fact that they got away with it.

  4. tame a breeding pair of low level moschops and breed them to let the bloodstalkers grab your sacrificial moschops (probably like 5-8 of them) and kill them to increase taming effectiveness then once it reaches 100% let it grab you. (Wear Ghillie so the bloodstalker doesnt grab you by mistake, then take ghillie off when 100% for it to grab you)

  5. To get 100% taming effect you need to feed the bloodstalker some mochops. But first it needs you need to let the bloodstalker grab you and feed a bit of you. Then you whistle the mochops close to the bloodstalker so the bloostalker can grab the mochops the mochops will die and the bloodstalker will get some more taming affectivenes.

  6. Hey Apex I just switched over to official I play solo I hide my loot in chest in random hidden places but I cant build up bc ppl kill my tames every day and wipe my base do u have any advice I could use I'm on rag and I'm almost lvl 60

  7. I think it would be hard to trust anyone, he probably didn't know you are a youtuber and anyone else would have not trusted someone making that deal. But if he knew who u are then he probably would've made a different decision


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