Dalal Street Week Ahead: NOVEMBER 4th Week | 2021 | P R Sundar

Market Prediction/Nifty Prediction for NOVEMBER 4th WEEK based on various data: Open Interest Analysis, Global Cues, etc.

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Topics covered in this video:

– Quick recap of last week’s Dalal Street Week Ahead video
– Recap of Markets last week
– DII & FII Activities
– Nifty in Uncharted Territory
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Comment (223)

  1. People trading nifty and banknifty on buying side should be technologically advanced in graph mapping and trend identification . Without complete knowledge don't loose your fund . You will investor or trader untill u have fund . Learn with very small quantity and beware putting market orders .

  2. 17000 is strongest support if correction happens till 17k enter in the market don't afraid their is chance to it may take support on 17500 but i can see real support below that like 17250 17300 is strong buying zone mark my words ok 🥳🥳🥳

  3. Incorrect Analysis. Repeal of farm laws is negative to reforms. Market will take it as negative. RIL Armaco deal was not happening for last 2 years. Market didn't expected anything and have accepted that oil is not the future for RIL. RIL has already announced green investment initiatives.

  4. Whatever paytk is offering all banks r already offering..paytm brand is not big as hdfc bank which is trading at 1500….paytm highly overvalued even at current levels….why do nse and sebi cleared ipo with such high price…just to trap retail investors…all open rishwat ghus given and list ur company at whatever price u like…

  5. I feel 17500 will be taken out, because dow jones has turned negative and Nasdaq is also hovering around all time high, the farm bills news will not effect our market very positively because it is like you are hurting somebody and then giving medicine to him,

  6. Full of Incorrect Analysis.
    1. Farm Law Repeal is Negetive for Mkt.
    2. FII's have Lock in period of 30days in any IPO.
    Not possible to sell.
    3. Reliance-Aramco deal suspension is not a known rumour. It's a surprise. Reliance will definitely go down.
    4. He said BN is under severe pressure. But BN was more resilient on Thursday than nifty. BN will be the saviour in coming days IMO.
    In OCT Week 4 Predictions, He said "since ICICI bank @ ATH, upside may not be much but Reliance will do well".
    But wat happened? ICICI Bank up by 15%, Reliance @ -1%. He said Nifty range 18-18.5k. But nifty went 17.6k.
    I have great respect for his knowledge.
    But don't get confused with his knowledge and views. I agree that nobody can predict the mkt. Bt seeing his videos u ll be influenced with his levels indirectly that may not allow u to perform better likes ICICI & Reliance case on 25th Oct.
    Watch only for knowledge purpose not his views.
    More over now a days, Only in special episode he shares his knowledge.
    Don't get influenced with other people's views.
    Do Gain Knowledge,
    Do study correctly,
    Most importantly don't rely on other views.

  7. Hi sir I have watched more than 2 months of ur vedios

    It's really good that you compare multiple data in predicting your review . But unlike most vedios about stock market
    This were my question comes

    Why don't you show us your analysis thru the help of charts this way who ever is watching ur vedios may be benefited by it or else the info ur giving looks is more like news reporter

  8. i know sundar it is stressfu when in a losing streak and yyawning is the first sign its stressful…..cheer up sir but I dont know what logic makes u buy bank nifty its been in a downtrend right from the start of the series….

  9. yes but u r hones and thats a point one will have to admit hands-down. your simplicity is also very endearing …i wish and pray u have a set of systems….ii would like to have a audience with you as I trade systems.i humbly submit if u can give me a few hours of your time

  10. For me repeal is negative, govt has become weak. Democracy run by vote banks. Some anarchist can force to reverse a decision made for all.

  11. I don't think market will take farm bill repeal thing positively since benefit of farm bills was more to the market, also it shows the weakness of government to bow to protests. Also reliance will also come under selling pressure due to news. Since -ve market sentiment PSU banks will come under more pressure, so possibility is Bank Nifty will be under selling pressure in first half, in second half BN will feel short covering.


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