Daily Juicy Memes 899

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  2. Good vid <3
    1:35 That's dumb like me, but still funny XD
    2:35 LOL 5 foot drop I think.
    3:01 That's just unfair. (Also, the $ goes before the number 🙂 )
    3:18 One of the dumbest things YT has done.
    3:23 What is the meaning of this meme? (it's going to be relatable for me later, so I kind of need to know XD)
    3:49 Aw, I love that.
    4:39 That's dark.

  3. Hi
    I only want to say that March 5th will be a great day for all of us
    What we are been more than 3 years waiting for
    That day we will watch DJM1000
    Thank you for your attention

    PS: I'd say "use this comment as a dislike" but it's nosense as none dislike these videos

  4. Pizza would be good if it wasn’t served by my school, imagine pizza that is floppy and splits into 3 the second it is lifted into the air, not to mention that it is dry and I’m convinced that it is fake

  5. (2:32)—>So you're saying that most Supermodels look better than Random Cashiers?🤔

    (5:08)—>So NOW you're saying, that MOST [Supermodels] have a better figure (but a less attractive face) than a [Fast Food Employee], while the [Employee] has a freakish body, and a beautiful face.


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