D23 2015: Top 10 Reveals

Here are the 10 best announcements of D23 2015 … according to us!

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Comment (203)

  1. so they can open a parks in hong kong,paris and tokyo yet they have never opened a park in canada (sorry im just kind of salty we dont have a disney park in my countrey)

  2. I don't blame Microsoft for that really and I'll just laugh at anyone complaining to have had their stuff turned off. Stuff that they shouldn't have in the first place.

  3. Oooohhh this Toy Story news has me in all kinds of feels!!! Now I have to stay in Florida a few more years so I can get that resident discount at Disney maaaaannn!

  4. I am actually getting mad at how much crap Avatar gets. That movie came out how long ago and still have some of the best imagery to date. I am super pumped for those two rides. They sound awesome.

  5. I think we need a show that is hosted and by you Maude Garrett and Bree and Reina…that's it none of the guys (maybe Zaragoza can drop by once in a while he has some good jokes once in a while), but I have to say the 3 ladies are the funniest people on this channel, this is my opinion

  6. I would like to commend young Sam for saying "couldn't care less" instead of the incorrect "could care less". This has saved the lives of two kittens, for today.

  7. Kingdom Hearts game with Big hero 6 crossover has got me pumped. now I was also a theater kid in high school so the live action Beauty and the Beast got me real excited as well

  8. I don't have any pirated software or anything like that on my computer but I do have mods for games installed, some of which are for very old games and can and do trip senses sometimes for being weird files…so all the more reason not to want to upgrade…and, I imagine, all the more reason Microsoft is going to start making the non upgraded more and more unsupported until they are essentially forced to.
    And I don't even own an Xbox nor do I plan to, that whole system is just going to take up precious space.

  9. Hold on…we're going to be adding a whole fictional land to the Animal Kingdom? A park that is based around real animals (say for the yeti thing, but if you ask certain people they'll say that's debatable). I don't want anything to do with any sort of alien product placement land when I go to that park. I want to ride some rides and see some animals, and I want those rides and animals to be true to the park's original theme.

  10. I'm no Star Wars expert by any means but why do people keep thinking that guy is a storm trooper? We all no they are clone soldiers so it seemed pretty obvious to me from the first trailer that he was just impersonating a storm trooper. I thought fans would think the same thing.

  11. The Pandora thing is weird to me. I haven't heard about that movie in like 3 years. Do people still nerd out about it? I mean, I'd absolutely go to it because it sounds fun, but it's just a weird property to include.

  12. Here's the deal. No one calls Comic Con just "Comic". The annual conference is called the D23 Expo. It is not called D23. D23 is the Official Disney Fan CLub who hosts the event.

  13. Most citizens Hudson wouldn't dare sit on that couch–ever. It's also our your fault seize to the fact I got in the space shit/super skinny ride (you can make the game super eat by not killing any of the bosses. I look forward to hearing about Thursday (while I'm headed across the river Thursday and back again–and the women who rarely let them speak.

    All-in-all, it was a really good decision to get my eye locked up that last few day, as I went to the doctor and he told me I'd hop on a Nintendo.

  14. They didn't mention winter soldier being revealed as well in the trailer and him running and on a mission with captain America. I was in the audience and people screamed when Bucky spoke!

  15. Doesn't the channel get less views with this new format? I don't really know how YouTube revenue works though, so can someone can tell me how this is a good idea?

  16. Josh Gad in Beauty and the Beast!!!!! Yes yes yes I am so down with this cast! Josh also has actual Broadway experience so he will be able to nail the singing bits! Also Emma is soooooo perfect for belle

  17. If you pay close enough attention to the Star Wars poster, you'll notice something odd about John Boyega's character…

    Don't see it?  I'll give you a hint: the lightsaber.

    The answer: it's Luke's lightsaber from episodes 4 and 5 before he lost it in Cloud City.  The design is VERY familiar and it can be spotted in one of the trailers as well.  My thought is that our heroes will find it and it will be passed on to John's character.

  18. The Captain America: Civil War trailer was actually leaked on Tumblr, for like maybe ten hours before it was taken down. So the next day at D23 everyone had to give up their phones before going into the panel so nothing else could be leaked.


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