Cute otters intimately filmed by spy camera | Spy in the Wild – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Spy Otter quietly films the most intimate views of otters using tools and caring for their young.

Animatronic spy creatures go undercover to explore the world of animal intelligence and reveal their use of tools, self-medication, culture and subterfuge.

Spy in the Wild | Series 1: Intelligence | BBC

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  1. Si mi culito lindo tus ojos son del color Del Mar, del océano cuando hay un arcoíris en el cielo. Leíste lo que te escribí en el post de Dr. Youn? Es mucho y todo sobre ti, de lo bonito que te amo.

  2. He's just like "Uhh, hey you good there, bud? Please give me some space and leave me alone… Stop bumping into me- oh you know what I'll just dive to find a rock"

  3. I don't think this fooled any of the otters for even a second. Any of the otters just looking at him knows something is not right haha

    Most animals have very strong senses and can tell when something is off…


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