HELLLOO BEAUTIES! Routines like this have become a staple ever since I had a baby! I’m always trying new products to try and cut down the amount of time but still feel pretty. I’ve been loving SHEGLAM’s Birthday Skin Primer to fill in my pores and mattify my face, even on the days I’m not wearing makeup. It leaves my skin hydrated and silky. It’s only $6 and I have a code “ITSCARLI15” for an additional 15% off the entire SHEIN US site. You can search “Birthday Skin” on the SHEIN website or app! Shop Birthday Skin Primer: #SHEGLAM #sheglambirthdayskin

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I love you all so much. XOX Carli

Hair Brush
Root Spray
Hair Spray
Birthday Skin Primer:
Hyaluronic Skin tint
Brow Pencil
Moonstruck Light Palette
Nude Pencil
AI lip liner




Disclaimer: this video is sponsored by SHEGLAM. All opinions are my own and honest as always. Some links may be affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase the item through my link. Thank you for your support!!! XOXO

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  1. Hi Carli! Just wanted to say how much I love your videos. I always read your quotes to start out the video and I feel like they always apply to my life! Thank you for being such an inspiration and for continuing to light up the beauty community with your bright and beaming spirit! You are so loved by all of your subscribers!💛💛

  2. I love that she glam primer ! I also love the Avon magix face perfector BOTH SOOO UNDERRATED which I love because I can always buy never sold out & no one knows my secret until now 🤣😅

  3. I know you love animals and the planet, that’s why I am sad to see you working with SHEIN. If you do some research you will learn the massage damage they do to the environment, fast fashion, how they abuse their workers, and pollute. It’s bad for our planet, the people in it, and the animals. I know you need to work with companies but I would love to see you work with an ethical one. Also all their products are not tested safe and are really sketchy. Made in China with no regulations. Love you but can’t support that company.

  4. Carli! You've had SHEGLAM products on your channel before and still love them so I will try the primer, of course! Renz is so big and happy! You have your family set up like what happens in my culture as an American Indian where the whole family helps raise the child and Renz will benefit from it. Love ya girl!

  5. I started watching you in 2011, its amazing to see all your success ❤❤ love you Carli. Thank you for teaching us all so much and being the positive inspiration we needed during hard times. Baby boy is getting so big….it goes so fast! Enjoy all the little moments!

  6. You look so much like Amanda in this video! Beautiful 🙂 You are doing such a great job, Carli! It is evident how loved and cared for Lorenzo is. I am about to start IVF (hoping to be a mommy soon). Really love your mommy-themed videos. Sending you so much positivity and light <3

  7. This look is beautiful and I love how it opens up they eyes. Your Mario video was one of my faves. You two were so cute together. Keep up the great work Mommy you're doing fantastic 😚😊

  8. Okay.
    Tbh …. You have such amazing skin that I did not see a difference at all with product hahaha
    But I love just watching your content so keep showing us all the things! 🖤

  9. I love how your lip liner looks on you. I bought them as well but for some reason the colors look way different on me. I’m not hating, I still love them and use them, I’m just confused. Lol. Your moonstruck pallet completely changed my life! I will use it forever! Love you so much, Carli! 💕💕

  10. I wish I could do that to my post partum regrowth “edges” lol. My hair is so thick they just wanna stand straight up. I either have to glue my hair down with water, gel and a boat load of hair spray if I ever want them to stay down

  11. Omg I needed this soo bad so perfect def will be doing this look everyday pretty much!! Lol and ohh my goodness babyboy is soo stinking cute I can't I want to just squish him lol he has gotten soo big too !! 😍🥰 keep up the awesome work mama your doing fantastic!! Xoxo 💗

  12. When you started talking about how good the primer was i was thinking oh God how high is that then u said $6 and I got excited. Something I can actually afford. Haha


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