Crimsix Fires AGAIN at Scump and Gets a Response

The rivalries continue before the first season of Call of Duty League… I’m enjoying it so far.

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  1. Censor trying to start for a team 😂😂😂😂 I heard this dude had so many donuts already he's an owner of a dunken donuts and brings them in for the team 😂😂😂😂

  2. crim is doing him dirty. he basically said Scump carried the team and everyone else sucked. What does crim think he is accomplishing? he is a CLOWN.

  3. Crim and the team played well the first couple days at champs, which got them to the third place finish. He performed poorly on Sunday where they got smoked in two series. Scump wasn’t able to carry them through that. Seth didn’t single-handedly get them to the third place finish. Ian is saying that he performed poorly at the end of the event, rather than at the beginning, as Seth did in WW2. This is my own analysis, let me know if my logic is flawed. Great video though

  4. if you care about KD, you're a noob. The pro's and most semi-pro's understand what it takes to win and it is not Kill/Death Ratio. Playing with your team mates, playing within trading distance with your team mates, having a winning attitude, holding crucial spawns when it matters, pulling reticles, pinching, peeking/shouldering, and having your team all on the same page is how to win. if you're team is on the same page and still loses than you're team is just not winning enough gunfights.

  5. No crim meant to say that when scump did shit they placed top24 and crim was doing good so because of scump they placed 24 but when scump was doing good and team was shit even though they were shit they still placed 3rd which is better than 24

  6. crim bitching and crying about scump doing bad and they got T24 but when scump is the only one that showed up and 4 others played bad they got 3rd only shows how nasty the kid is lmfao. Crim literally NEEDED scump and couldn’t pick up the slack lmfao, crim is a fucking dumpster and always will be. dudes a role player that has been getting carried by his team since the complexity days

  7. No. Crimsix is saying scumps idea of “shitting the bed” is the fact that they didn’t win, and scump had a better KD cause that’s the first thing he brings up. if they placed t3, they obviously didn’t do as bad as he tried saying they did.

    When scump underperformed, he literally BOMBED the event. He’s calling scump on his bullshit.

  8. The difference is that more practices might have made EVERYONE better. Maybe Scump doesn't need it, but not showing up to practice hurts his teammates too. He can't be mad at Crim for not doing well if he costed them scrims.

  9. Like eminem said to MGK….wait you just dissed me im perplexed, insult me in a line, compliment me in the next damn…

    Scump sucks and you go top 24.
    When you suck, he hard carries for a top 3.

  10. All he does is talk shit.. Crim thinks he is better or is owed something to players and even orgs. Bitching at being dropped by optic on his gals bday.. bitch wtf optic don’t give a fuck about your gal. And the fact most people have moved on, made amends, and are continuing their friendships and growing in the gaming community whilst he just stays salty shows crims insecurity and inadequacies.

  11. Hopefully no one is getting heated because of their rivalry, being an old optic fan would make u think that i wouldnt like long friends dissing eachother but i actually really enjoy it, its very entertaining

  12. Someone has waaaay to big of a head, if he wasn’t playing anchor AR he would be TK’d all the time running around the map with that giant balloon on his shoulders, sooner or later the ego will take down Dallas, just like every other team he’s played for.

  13. Idk crim is good but he isn’t good if that makes any sense he isn’t consistent he just has his moments personally I think he’s overrated a lot of people say he’s really good but I really don’t see it and I get that he’s more of a support role because he has an AR and not a sub but still

  14. Yeah I thought the same thing you did. When only scump sucked they got t24…when only scump was frying and everyone else sucked they get 3rd….I dont see how thats a roast on seth lmao

  15. I don't play COD but every FPS game has important roles to be played on a team. If a player isn't creating openings for plays to happen (Crim sitting back/controlling flow and who can go where on the enemy team) then everyone suffers and it's a scattered mess that's hard to comeback from however potentially manageable. If that job is fulfilled (the rest is mostly out of your hands that needs to be accomplished) and your close quarter players (scump) are getting outplayed/slayed then your likelihood of losing is probably greater. It's a team effort. If your giving the cqb players the set up they need and they're getting outslayed, what more can you do? If the slayer isn't slaying you'll generally get a worse outcome and I suspect this is even more true in a game like COD. As an Esports show you understand this no?

  16. Ian is just being petty and acting like a lil bitch. Remenber when he was on eg, nadeshot did not want him. First choice was karma and formal. But seth made a case for his dumb ass. Hecz bought his contract, but now he’s on a new team he’s acting like the all mighty. Can not wait to see team shit om him.

  17. very iffy problem to talk about…….. if you take any type of Drug enhancement in any other sport its deem bannable and in some cases for life. I believe the same should be for "esports" and ask yourself do they all get prescribed Adderall?

    but its none of my business thou


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