Crazy Cocktail Demonstration with Dave Arnold

Mixologist and owner of David Chang’s Booker + Dax, Dave Arnold, demonstrates how he uses Bombay Sapphire East and liquid nitrogen to make his signature drink that will be featured at the upcoming Lucky Rice Festival.
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Comment (23)

  1. Liquid nitrogen is safe when used by a trained professional like Dave Arnold. Improperly serving food or drink with liquid nitrogen can be dangerous. It is no more dangerous than say eating flambeed food. You eat something that is currently on fire. So don't eat liquid nitrogen either.

  2. Just make a poor man's liquid nitrogen; that's dry ice in an ethanol solution. It won't be nearly as cold as liquid nitrogen (liquid nitrogen is about -330°C, whereas this will be about -110°C), but it will be just as effective in this application. But make sure you're careful with this, as it isn't cold enough for the Leidenfrost Effect to come into effect.

  3. Does this dude even drink? He seemed so uninterested and kept joking that sipping a cocktail with a tiny bit of alcohol was going to destroy him. So odd.

  4. These guys are lucky they didn't burn themselves with the liquid nitrogen. A splash in the eye or anywhere on their body and they would have been on their way to the hospital. Any way this guy Dave is a great sales guy. How many people can make a drink interesting? Not many… But he did.

  5. Snort a fat line of mint powder, quick shot of the liquid nitrogen, and cap it with a couple drops of salt tincture in the eye and BAM! Ready to bring the intensity to your late afternoon meeting at work!

  6. Did they train that barman in a morning or did they just find some random guy off the street and gave him the recipe? Edit: I’ve now realised this guy is a cocktail genius and have one of his books, which is incredibly detailed and super geeky. I suppose he’s not the best front of house and weaves his magic behind the scenes.🥴


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