Crash Tales – Episode 3: Moustache

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  1. Hey Mercedes, I'm little curious about the new MBUX in the new S-Class.
    Does it have a voice command for any driver Assists, for example Parking Assist or even for Distronic?

  2. since that new pre design from the sclass 2020 i hate mb for that. Im a mercedes owner of 5 e classes and one 2018 sclass. the new one is sooo ugly omg its a joke what theyve done

  3. Do you guys make motorcycles? If so do you sell any affordable ones and are they sold in Sweden? If not what brand do you recommend? I am on my way of getting a light motorcycle lisence and I have no idea what motorcycle i should by.

  4. From the animators that took the time to animate this to the people who thought up the idea and the people who gave this the go ahead

    We may not know your names but we will hold you as legends till the day we forget

    No, lest we forget


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