Crash of the century? 4 Indicators | Market sentiment analysis | Fed Bubble

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Lots of people are talking about the next stock market crash. This is my stock market analysis, focusing on the S&P 500 Outlook and talk about the best stocks to buy now. Inside this stock market analysis, I’ll provide both the s&p 500 technical analysis and the s&p 500 fundamental analysis. There will always be plenty of opportunities and I’m here to to give you clarity. Invest safe.

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  1. Is it possible that the crash was actually months ago and now we are in recovery?? Like im sure your aware the government here is not any different then any other corrupt government there are still many that believe they are partaking in an election when actually it is a selection process both men are Zionist puppets for the banking cartel it does not matter who wins they will carry out the same agenda ……love the videos great job

  2. I believe that in the 1st year of a president's 2nd term the average S&P gain is 14% in that first year. Look it up!
    Biden is a catastrophe of a human being. Trump is a misunderstood personality, kinda like your accent. Give Trump a break. We give you a break.

  3. You maybe a genius in stock but you know little in America politics and the mess we are in. DemocRATs are going to take this country to point of no return.

  4. It's good, very good. A market that does not change is hard to make money in. A market with wild swings is a great opportunity. Trip stop loss sales to sell high, wait for the fall, buy low, especially in profitable companies with very low PE and as a result high dividends.
    Currently getting 22% yield on cost and what I'm reinvesting in is giving me over 30% yield on dividends with a PE under 3. Two of my holdings have PE under 3 at the moment and as a result, yield on price over 30% right now for dividend reinvestment.

  5. Yes we do have better choices unfortunately the two party’s have hijacked this great country… give it time true patriots will find a way to win America back.
    The best choice is Andrew yang btw.

  6. One person the best person is Andrew Yang.

    Also remember trump tanked the stock market last week when he realized he was doing so bad in the polls. Trump tweeted no stimulus so stocks fell. He has a bad childish temperament.

  7. Dear Pakpakchicken, there has been news about a new business allowing for people to buy pre IPO for $1 per share. The company is called TransparentBusiness. Could you share with us your opinion on that and whether you think is a good investment or not? I wanted to try investing 1k along with another 5 of my friends who like to try new things and we have never had a chance to buy stock pre-IPO. This company seems very convincing with investors such as J.P Morgan, Bank of America, Microsoft, etc.

  8. My belief is we will mirror the economy exactly 100 years ago. In 1920 there was a small 1.5 year recession. The pandemic of 1918 was ending. This was all followed by the “Roaring Twenties “. The bad news is, I don’t think it will benefit all people or all countries.

  9. Banks, who are the smart money, have the largest long position in history in the bond market right now. Do you think they are going to lose against all the speculators betting on inflation? Or do you think that they know QE is deflationary, that interest rates are coming down further, and that bond prices are going to go through the roof? You can't just bet on technical analysis when trying to understand a macro event.

  10. If you were close to retirement age, would you take more precautions to protect your portfolio? Or would you still hold through a crash, even if you needed to withdraw some money to live on?

  11. @Chicken Genius Singapore I subscribed to your channel 7 months too late! What are your thoughts long term if we face recession/depression? Regardless of how amazing Tesla’s product and progress are won’t revenue drop as their product is not seen as a necessity? Thanks!

  12. Can you do a video on the top 5 books you've read about investing, and top 5 books about business? I know you mentioned to focus on business books instead of investing books, so I'd be interested for both

  13. Great video but I completely disagree about where the market is going from here. Stocks are significantly overvalued right now and debt levels are at an all time high. A crash is inevitable.

  14. From what I'm seeing, it's like there are two different US stock markets at the moment. You have the "in vogue" stocks like tech, that have been overinflated as people keep pushing them higher and higher, with no end in sight. Then you have the "normal" stocks, that have seen their prices drop 30-70% since COVID hit, and they have not really recovered yet. IMO, there will be a crash for the overinflated stocks, but the stocks that have already been hit will not really crash, but perhaps you'll see them go another 10-20% lower.

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  16. Wall Street will catchup to the real economy. +50,000,000 jobless will not create the demand
    to support the Wealthy capitalist, FED QE slows or ends the music.
    The most memorable pages in Das Kapital are the descriptive passages, culled from Parliamentary Blue Books, on the misery of the English working class. Marx believed that this misery would increase, while at the same time the monopoly of capital would become a fetter upon production until finally “the knell of capitalist private property sounds. The expropriators are expropriated.”

    hint hint, two class system, neoliberal (capitalist) KILLED the middle class
    rich / poor
    Employer / employee
    Bourgeois / labor
    Lord / serf
    Master / slave

    In Marxist philosophy, the bourgeoisie is the social class that came to own the means of production during modern industrialization and whose societal concerns are the value of property and the preservation of capital to ensure the perpetuation of their economic supremacy in society.

    AND IT IS BROKEN as in:

    you are labor, sorry


    Can you quit your job ? retire ?

    No, then you are labor, make that a slave. LOL

    when can you retire ?

    $10B AT 3.65% = $1M PER DAY $365M PER YEAR
    $1B AT 3.65% = $100K PER DAY $36.5M PER YEAR
    $100M AT 3.65% = $10K PER DAY $3.65M PER YEAR
    $10M AT 3.65% = $1K PER DAY $365K PER YEAR
    $1M AT 3.65% = $100 PER DAY $36.5K PER YEAR
    $100K AT 3.65% = $10 PER DAY $3.65K PER YEAR

    What is wrong ? well punk, are you a slave ?

    That's right the Capital brings the relationship of power, class division if you understand it as so. Capital is not only that described by prof. Wolff but also political power that is needed to maintain it, the superstructure. So for example, in 2008 the Gov. could have instead of giving the billions bailout "almost free money" to the financ

  17. This is the problem… Americans don't get to choose who runs for president. They don't have to take tests or get an education, they just have to have A LOT of money and influence.

  18. Quick question, how come you think there will be an explosion on the dollar but also a less off of bonds? The way I see it is a bond is a promise to receive dollars in the future so if you think the dollar is going up, people would want to keep bonds right? but if people sell off bonds, is that decreased demand for dollar, bearish for USD?

  19. I can recall when we were talking you told me that trading is part of humans, that everything we do in life involves trading something or the other . So I should trade without stress and I listen . Then i earned myself hugely .connect with her on Instagram @joelclaytonfx

  20. "More regulations are bad." Anti-democratic propaganda repeated before every presidential election. However, historically the stock market and economy under democratic administrations have been better than under republican administrations. It's not even close. Look it up.

  21. Hi, I just found your videos and love your honest and helpful tips. I was wondering if you have a discord group, WhatsApp or even a Facebook group for discussion?

  22. Biden wins is bad for business? This misses the bigger picture. Dems regulate more but they also keep the country valuable. What good is a business if you’re county goes to hell? We probably need the Rep Dem cycle to keep a balance between allowing people to function, and keeping them from killing each other off.


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