Coyote attacks beloved pet dog in Huntington Beach | ABC7

A family in Huntington Beach wants the city to address the rise in wild animal encounters in their neighborhood after their Boston terrier was attacked by a coyote. MORE:

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  1. This is my brother Freddy's dog, Sadie. She is very small, but she is such a fighter! I was not surprised to see her run after the coyote! And as for Cody, he is such a good big brother! He will always be a hero in my book! Sadie is doing just fine for those who are wondering. My brother wanted to warn other pet parents not to leave their dogs unattended after this happened.

  2. You can't leave your pets outside for nothing. Where I live, I have to worry about coyotes and mountain lions. I've had a mountain lion come at my dog and when it saw me it took off thankfully. But if I need to take my dog out at night to potty , I carry a gun to protect myself and my dog , cuz clapping isn't going to scare it away if that predators is really hungry .

  3. I'm glad the little dog escaped but..humans have encroached on wild life habitat and driven out many of the usual small prey animals that Coyotes feed on with endless miles of housing developments. Rabbits, squirrels, rodents. You can't blame a wild animal for capitalizing on an easy meal, they and their offspring need to eat too.

  4. Never leave small dogs, or even one big dog, outside alone, especially at night! They can get attacked and killed by birds, coyotes or a mountain lion. Two big dogs are probably safe but even then, I would be cautious.

  5. That coyote is a HERO!! Get rid of all 🐕
    The coyote was just trying to rid the world of these oversized, spoiled, attention seeking rodents!! People's disgusting behavior of worshipping all things dogs is.. 🤢 🤮

  6. Well I hope they learned their lesson. Keep your pet dogs'n cats inside if you cannot handle them getting killed by wildlife. Take them for leshed walks otherwise I got no pity for pets and owners in this situation.

  7. What do you expect when you people keep on encroaching into wildlife territory. Their land is getting smaller by the day.

  8. Knows there are Coyotes but leaves the small dogs out on their own. Simple search would have shown how agile Coyotes really are. Hope they are smart enough to not let the dogs go in the backyard unsupervised now, as inconvenient as that is (especially with 5 kids to watch)

  9. I can understand her saying it's unsafe, but what does she expect people to do about the coyotes? They're a part of the wildlife. She should get a more secure garden fence before asking people to wipe out a whole group of animals from an ecosystem. Those coyotes keep the vermin populations down. (Rats, Mice, Raccoons, Possums, feral cats.)

  10. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS OUT UNATTENDED!!!! We have a coyote problem throughout this entire country, I’m on the East Coast and we have them here! It is irresponsible for you to leave your pets out unattended!


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