Cowboys vs. Chiefs Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Comment (1,948)

  1. Both teams played bad on offense and both teams just allowed their quarterbacks to get teed off on by dropping back to throw so much without establishing a run or willingness to run, the cowboys just dropped more passes

  2. It sometimes appears the Cowboys are selective about the game they want to win based on their record. They were not fired up for this game and the Broncos game. They should realize that there is nothing wrong with 16-0.

  3. Prescott seemed to only actually try hard towards the end, once a W was beyond reach.

    Nothing new here. I like him, but this has happend a lot over the years. Still a quite good quarterback tho, even with some horrible passes today.

  4. I didn't expect anything different from Dak. This is who he is against decent teams. The moment we went down by more than 7pts I knew it was game over. The dude needs everything to be perfect to win including a softer defense

  5. Either Dak is guna have to learn to get the ball out quick or we guna have to fix our OL. I say we kick Zack Martin to LT and put Lael at RG and kick Steele back to RT. That would put our best Olineman on Daks blindside.

  6. So the cowboys "according "to pretty much all the sports analysts are the best team in the NFL, and where going to steam roll over the chiefs . Well that worked out as predicated 😁 . That chiefs D was on fire.

  7. It’s funny to see all of these comments claiming that “this is what happens when you play a good team.” It’s almost like everyone forgot that the Cowboys beat the Patriots in Foxboro and the Chargers who beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead.
    The Cowboys got outplayed today but will be just fine once they get some of their starters back.

  8. Die Hard Chiefs Fan here……to all those doubters, remember it's not how you start…….but how you FINISH !!!
    " I think we got our SWAGGER BACK….OH OH OH OH " 😯😮😯😮😏

  9. As long as Dallas can't win against winning teams they aren't going anywhere. Now that the other NFC East teams are starting to win Dallas isn't even guaranteed of winning the division, let alone making the playoffs.

  10. Geeze I feel sorry for Buck and Aikman. The disappointment in their voices was constant and readily apparent. Poor guys. As for the fraudulent, media sensation created Cowboys. They got what they deserved – a can of whoop-ass opened up on them at Arrowhead. They earned it. Dirty tactics get payback!

    Beat it, losers. Philadelphia Eagles > Dallas Fraudulents

  11. Wait a minute .. NO COOP , NO CEEDEE(2nd half) NO GREGORY NO DLAW NO GALLIMORE IN THE MIDDLE.. NO PARSON AT OFF BALL LB STRICTLY RUSHING and we held the chiefs to 19 think about that..

  12. Chiefs can win out as long as they play short ball. Take the short passes an let our recivers run. Most defense play 2 high. We keep running the ball well an taking what the defense gives us we will be fine

  13. I’m just here to see if the highlights are as good as it was at the stadium. This was a great game to be a Chiefs fan at Arrowhead. the crowd shut the Cowboys offense out in the first half, Ceedee and the other guys couldn’t hear Dak trying to make checks at the line. Awesome atmosphere, had a blast at my first Chiefs game.

  14. andy reid just spent the 2nd quarter making sure he had the game winning lead held in check before going into the 2nd half. he felt fine to just air it out a bit at the end there . thats the luxury of having his quarterback.


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