COVID-19: Donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment in Health and Social Care Settings

This video shows how to safely don (put on) and doff (take off) the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for non-aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), specific to COVID-19. This guidance outlines infection control for health and social care settings involving possible cases of COVID-19.

Please see the ‘When to use a surgical mask and when to use a respirator guide’ found here:

For donning PPE video specific to aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs see:
for doffing video specific to aerosol-generating procedures see:

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  1. Why is the PPE component in HS is different from Clinical when they are dealing with the same contagious COVID19? aerosol or non-aerosol they are still contagious. The symptoms are clear coughing and fever so the room of the patient is full of virus so the room itself is contaminated as you enter it. It is alive in the air and can stick any part of the exposed or the uncovered part of the PPE. It only takes a single virus to reproduce millions once it is inside of you. In Wuhan China, the doctors and the nurses were not allowed to go home to their families as they are the exposed and treating people that are infected they have an apartment where they come home together. They were only sent home after they have treated all the people that are infected. Nurses can also spread the virus as they go to care homes and hospitals and come across a lot of people. In the UK I don't know if its the same procedure if nurses and doctors can come home after dealing with a person infected by COVID19 as what the government says that if you have been exposed to a person with COVID19 symptoms you have to isolate your self and yet the nurses and doctors can still come home after and by looking at the difference between the PPE of Health and Social and Clinical while dealing with the same contagious COVID19 it doesn't seem right. What is the point social distancing, self-isolation and indifference of PPE components of different health organization? All I can say is this must have to do about money because of this PPE is expensive these days and also limited as most of them are supplied from CHINA and also they are single-use so how much PPE do you have to use every time just to protect yourself from the virus. The best PPE should be a head to toe coverage.

  2. Why has the PPE advice suddenly changed for frontline workers collecting swabs for suspected COVID-19 patients in that they no longer need to wear Full PPE incl. respirator masks, face shields, long sleeved aprons and only need to use hand gel instead of washing hands? Is there new research to support this? Has there been a risk assessment for this change in advice? Thanks

  3. Order of removal is a nightmare. Reverse of fitting would be usual, but the procedure of removing apron and gloves in the main infected space and masks and eye protection outside it change everything.
    The most important thing is hand sanitizing between each step.

  4. Why, compared with the previous guidance you put out 4 weeks ago, have the precautions been downgraded? Does PHE know something about covid-19 that other countries don’t? Do we have a strain that is less contagious and less deadly in the U.K.? Why has the PPE risk assessment been found to be less dangerous than it was before, what has changed? What is the evidence base for this? Respiratory precautions for influenza were previously FFP3 mask, long sleeved full coverage gown and gloves. How can it be different for Covid-19, when it is both more deadly and more infectious than flu?

  5. If detergent (soap) and hand gel are so encouraged and spectacles can just be wiped, how come the eye protective mask, which I assume is plastic? and similar to spectacles, cannot too be washed in detergent or wiped with gel even though it is in front of the spectacles to be used again as it is such a waste to see a plastic eye mask being disposed of after just one patient use. In an Age where plastic pollution is high on Political and Social Agenda, are we not using fabric Aprons that can be washed, like uniform, at high temperature in detergent and then re-used (as in the old days) because the virus left on a plastic apron will be rife in the bin for how long? Not good surely each time you open the bin to add more plastic aprons and gloves, virus may 'pop out'?? Also if the Aprons are plastic then they are wipeable so why not wipe them down with disinfectant wipes and re-use, again, if detergents and alcohol wipes are so effective as we are constantly informed……I see mass waste that seems over the top in some areas and then no masks in others where there is risk…..not medical so maybe I just dont understand but the plastic aprons dont cover all uniform after all.

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